Fun Stuff at the 127 Corridor Sale

I thought I'd share some pics from the 127 Corridor Sale (aka world's largest yard sale). I didn't even LOOK at the price on this cool Donald Duck bike. I had never heard of Silver Fox beer, but the sign reminded me of my grandfather, who was nicknamed "the silver fox" in his 20's due to prematurely gray hair. Everyone still calls him "Fox". He's "Grandpa Fox" to me. I really wanted the sign, but it was $110. Yow! And I'm pretty sure this was the same Texaco sign from my picture in this post.
Very old barbershop chair.
"Tight Squeeze", a Mattel game from the 1960's. I almost bought this game just because of how ridiculous the premise is. The box included a bunch of straps, to be used as demonstrated on the box. "Look, we're all having so much fun strapped together!". I didn't read the directions, but I do believe this game was meant to appeal to randy teenagers.
I really wanted the 1950's child's waterskis. They were even better than they look in this pic, as the sun washed out the nice bright turquoise color. At $40, they were a little outside my frugal budget.
Last year there were booths set up in front of this house, which appeared to be abandoned and filled with junk. I love this old house, and it appers that someone is fixing it up. Well, sort-of anyway.
An interior of the home, now tidily filled with vintage wares, but nothing that appealed to me. The closet's walls are still wallpapered with newspaper from the 1960's. Beautiful front door and fireplace!
The only interesting dinnerware that I saw all day was this pattern, and sadly the only piece was this dirty saucer. I probably should have bought it. I love this pattern and many have to start collecting it. "Broom" by Royal Stafford, English Bone China.
Old fire engine turned ice cream stand. This was brilliant. The sign atop rotated 360 degrees.
I skipped the ice cream to save room for this blueberry fried pie. I would drive the 80 miles to Crossville just for one of these fried pies. I usually go for apple, but this being the first year that blueberry pies were available, I couldn't resist. One family makes these apple, peach, cherry, and blueberry fried pies for the yard sale every year (and luckily the apple pies are available again in September at the Homestead Apple Festival). These pies, as well as the hot dogs, chili, pinto beans, and cornbread also served at this unnamed food stand are famous amongst locals and yard-sale goers. Sorry for the half-eaten pie pic, I forgot to take one before I bit into it. Priorities...
If I were serious about eating healthier, I should have eaten some fresh fruit from this stand instead. The eggplant was gorgeous, but I didn't think the produce would survive in the hot car.
Just one of many fantastic old bikes available.
I dig this huge old U-Haul truck toy. I don't usually display stuff like this in my house, but as often as we move, it seemed like a good fit. Again, dealer price of $55 was a little too high for me.
This dealer had several dozen stunning vintage chandeliers.
I saw several pairs of matching brightly painted kids' chairs. They were so cute, but I couldn't figure out what on earth I would do with them. This pair was $20, a fair price for how cool and sturdy they were.
The most interesting auto of the day, below. I think this truck belonged to a beautiful, very tan, 20-something hippie chick whose tent you can see behind the truck. She made a lot of cute womens skirts and childrens jumpers from brightly colored hemp fabrics. However bizarre her car, she was not even close to being the most colorful character of the day. A gray-bearded, beer-bellied, happy-go-lucky drunken vendor cheerfully slurred "my ecosystem is a bit out of balance" as he stumbled about his booth, empty 12-pack beer boxes in the backdrop. I think he meant his equilibrium instead of ecosystem. Sorry, I couldn't get a pic of this character without seeming rude. Ok, sorry for the tangent. Cute hippie-chick's truck:
The message on the door reads "the hell with the dog beware of owner hoss".
More great vintage bikes. The red bike is just like the one pictured on the Fat Tire Ale bottle, and was priced at $600.
We had a great time at the sale, although next year we will get an earlier start, as many vendors were packing it in early on Sunday due to a few rain showers, heat, their long trip home, etc. I was just a little disappointed this year because we didn't see anything profoundly weird. Next year maybe we'll make a mini-break and try to do a couple hundred miles of the sale. What did I bring home? Sadly, nothing for myself (we are so short on space in our small house that we are super-choosey about what we collect). But I did find some fun items for the Etsy shop: A coconut monkey, some vintage pencil sets, a West German butterfly brooch, a rattan breakfast-in-bed tray, and some groovy orange and yellow tablecloth fabric.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I love the Donald Duck bike and am intrigued by the fried blueberry pie. Never heard of it, but it looked really yummy.

Beth said...

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! I am so envious -- I really have wanted to go to one of these massive yard sale extravaganzas for a long time. I love all this stuff, including the food. Looks like big fun!

Kitty Stampede said...

Oh God, what fun!! I'm going to a big flea market this weekend. I'm pumped especially after seeing these photos!!!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I don't know about profoundly weird...the ecosystem guy sounded pretty funny to me! Love all those old bikes,,brings back so many childhood memories. I used to hate the ones with the fat tires and wanted the sleek thin ones my friends had. Now if only I had those bikes today!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Blueberry fried pie - please ship that over to Seattle!!! Yum!

Cassaundra said...

thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences! i've always desperately wanted to go to this huge rummage sale ... maybe next year! :-)

Mandi said...

haha my ecosystem...im going to put that in my back pocket and use it one day...

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Great day!
I get BIG butterflies in my stomach when I visit such venues!!


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

My idea of heaven on earth.:) I would rather be at a place like this than any other place. For me, I think it is the hunt. Love the orange chairs. The fire truck being converted into an ice cream stand is a genius idea.

this will be my last chance to leave a comment until the weekend. Hope you're having a wonderful week, Sweetie! xoxo

Piper Jacquelyn said...

The old ice cream truck is great! And the chandeliers! How fun. Glad you had a good time and found some stuff for your Etsy shop!

anythinggoeshere said...

By far the most interesting photos of the sale. You took your photos with a collector's and artist's eye. Enjoyed the trip with you. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know that you were posting this.

Christina said...

those chandeliers are pretty fantastic!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

oh my goodness! Looks like so much fun - and you were so great about taking pictures. (I get so caught up in the moment, I completely forget about it...) The blueberry fried pie looks absolutely delish - and the chandeliers were gorgeous.