Happy Weekend to You

Last week Mr. Cheese and I took the day off to hike and take a dip in this perfect swimming spot up on the Cumberland Plateau. The trek to the swimming hole was a bit too treacherous to risk taking the good camera (though with creek crossings and waterfall rewards along the way). So no pics this time. It was a dreamy day. The image above perfectly captures the pure childlike joy of the moment in my memory.

Go do something fun this weekend. Feel like a kid again!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

That really is the perfect swimming spot. I sure beats playing with the garden hose, but I do have fond memories of asking my parents to turn on the sprinkler so we could play in the water. :)

Beth said...

Good advice, Marsi! I was just thinking about what I could do this weekend that would be fun. We grown-up's are typically much too serious! We need to lighten up. Have a great weekend!

Dania @ Always Dania said...

so weird you say that because i'm actually going to a park this weekend to play for fun :) hope you're having a great weekend!