I've been tagged!

I have been tagged twice in the past week, by my pals Biba at inspiration bubble (whose blog is total eye candy for modern design lovers) and Blythe Hopes Vintage (beloved vintage fashion diva). Thanks Ladies! I don't usually talk about myself much on my blog. Although, there was that Valentine’s Day post but I’m blaming the wine for that one!

Rules: Write 6 random things about myself, link to the person(s) who tagged you, post the rules. Tag six people and link to them. Let them know they have been tagged. Ok, here goes:

1. I renovate houses. Working with my hands is in my blood. My grandfather built beautiful mid-century furniture (I’m lucky enough to have several of his pieces) and my father is also an amazing carpenter.
2. I get squirrelly if I don’t see water for a few days. My father built sailboats while I was growing up, so I spent a lot of time on or near the water. I could never live in a landlocked city. There must be a big river, lake, or ocean that I can drive to within 15 minutes. Water is life - I find it very soothing
3. I have two dogs: Molly and Dodge. They are both mutts, and were rescue dogs. I adopted both of them 3 years ago. Molly’s nickname is “Velcro-Doggie” because although her favorite thing to do is run through the woods when we hike, 97% of the time she really just wants to lay right at our feet and gaze at us in a kind of stalker-ish way (see pic above). Dodge still acts like a puppy, and though not the brightest in the bunch, he is the sweetest and most loyal boy ever. He's also a handsome devil and gets a lot of attention for it.
4. I speak of “us” because I’m getting married this summer to a guy I’ve been dating for many years. We run our renovation business together. He’s ruggedly good looking, he always thinks he’s right about everything just like I do, and he’s good for me in so many ways. He's a very private person and won't let me post a pic. Sorry ladies, I can't share the eye candy.
5. I want to live in a tiny town in northern or central Florida. I’m torn between the mountains that I love so much and the charming laid back lifestyle of small-town Florida. The hundred year old tin-roofed “cracker” houses nestled amongst Spanish-moss draped live oaks and palmettos have my heart. There is water everywhere: hundreds of natural springs, rivers, the Gulf of Mexico AND the Atlantic Ocean. I’m feeling serene jut thinking about it (refer back to #2).

6. Please don't shun me now, but I like sci-fi. Ok, but in my defense, only really well-written high budget sci-fi such as Battlestar Galactica, Lost, and the movie Event Horizon. Although, I still have to love some old school Star Trek. Who doesn't like cheesy Shatner, hot green women, and tribbles?

Ok, your turn! Tag, you’re it!:


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Awesome Sara said...

I think I'm in love with you! You are like really adorable!!! Ok, I have to think about my shit now. I did something like this in a previous post, called ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Ok.... must think.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Well, it's always nice to have another person in love with me Sara. Hee-hee. Just fixed your name, realized I had spelled it incorrectly in my link. so sorry! Going to check out your ME ME ME.... post.

kadler said...

OMG I also love sci fi. BSG and Lost are two of my favorite shows ever, but I'm a huge fan of all of those poorly written, poorly graphicated (yes, I know I made up that word), b-list sci fi movies out there, too.

I might do a sci fi themed post later today, in your honor.

Awesome Sara said...

CC- its ok about the mispelling. I can't spell either. SHit I spell my name all backwards and add extra letters sometime. Have you seen Lengend of the seeker??? its a really cool show. in the realm of xena and herculeous. and the lead character are hot!! Oh here is the link for the ship chandelier

K@- Lost is my fav show! although it needs to end bc its just dragging now. BSG I need to watch that from the beginning bc I tried watching t from the middle and man I am confused.

Lisa said...

Eek i've been tagged! It's times like this that i realise everyone is so much more interesting than me... this may take some time! ;) BTW your dogs are totally adorable.

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

Gosh - you even put effort in CC! Maybe I should re write mine....

Biba said...

So nice to know more about you! You are such a star :)

Domestica said...

You guys should look at St. Augustine, it's young and hip and old and quiet and dog-friendly and surfy and cool. My parents live there and are realtors - there's so many different house styles in the area, so I bet there's a lot of biz. Plus Jaxis seeing a huge move toward gentrification, so I bet there's work there, too. I love the town, I love the music venues, restaurants and haunts. Just thought I'd share that. PS. The Historic Home site is a heart-string puller. I wish I could go all over the US buying up old places to fix up. Be a vagabond.