Honey, how was your day?

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? My pal Lisa at Bitching in the Kitchen plans on making "Misty Bitch" cocktails tonight, a recipe I simply must try. It's pink, so you know it's good. I spent the first half of my day recovering from my night of too many pints, celebrating a pal's birthday. My sweetie cooked a yummy breakfast for me, and about 3 hours later I was finally ready to get my day started. We headed to a disappointing estate sale, to the green grocer for fancy cheese (because you know I like cheese) and flowers. A few hours ago we set the iPod's Pandora application to the Esqivel playlist, which we discovered is the perfect music to bring out your inner 50's housewife. Even my sweetie was tempted to don an apron whilst vacuuming.

Now we're hanging out in our nice clean kitchen/dining room. Ok, so this isn't the best pic, but I just had to show off my pretty V-day flowers. We are about to begin our dinner of grilled chicken sausages and veggies (insert phallic joke here), and we're listening to Pandora's Buddy Holly playlist. If you have an iPod touch or an iPhone, you must download the Pandora ap. It's incredible! You can also use the Pandora site to stream music through your computer.

Later my sweetie and I will watch the episode of Battlestar Galactica that we tivo'd last night. This, by the way, is one of the best shows ever made. Think you don't like sci-fi? Rent the first season of Battlestar on DVD and then tell me you still don't. Ok, must go grab another glass of Papio Cab Sauvignon, it's my "hair of the dog" beverage for the evening. I'm a sucker for any wine with a monkey on the label. I also set out that cheese. "Beecher's Marco Polo" (an herbed cow's milk cheese) and Vintage Irish Cheddar (soft, mild, and buttery). Both very good!


drollgirl said...

oh battelstar gallactica ROCKS, and i normally gag at the thought of watching any kind of sci-fi. but bg is ssssooooooooooooooooooooo good. so good.

Awesome Sara said...

Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! I'm so flattered!! I'm going to follow you too. Oh, that sounds stalker-ish. Anyway... I'm going to shut up and look about your blog. KISSES!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful V day :)

Lisa said...

Belated Happy Valentines Day lovely! Sounds like you and your beau had a wonderfully romantic day!
My cocktail was delicious, and made for excellent hair of the dog too... it's all the vitamin C in the pink grapefruit juice you see. ;)
Yum to Vintage Irish Cheddar - I need some now! x