For the Love of Caravans

As an outdoor girl with spring fever and and a serious travel jones that far outweighs my means to do so, I must have an outlet for my wanderlust. What does this mean to you? Many travel and outdoor living posts! Today's post celebrates my love of vintage travel trailers, caravans, campers, and RV's (you may already know of my affection for these if you read this post). My daily readers know that I am craving the beach, so this first photo is perhaps my current idea of the most idyllic place to park a caravan. Via flickr.
Fantastic colorized black and white scene from unknown photographer/artist. Via Old Classic Car.
Photograph labeled "BENLLEOH FROM THE HEADLAND" Via Old Uk Photos
The following 5 were found on flickr. Never has a beat up old trailer against a cloudy sky looked more beautiful.
This chap looks a bit overdressed for camping. Note the bizarre doll the woman is holding.
My sweetie drove a convertible Beetle like this in the 90's, but tired of the constant maintenance and sold it. The woman who purchased it organizes one of the largest Volkswagon Beetle gatherings in the country, called Bugapalloza or something silly such as that. Bugapalooza is coming up this weekend, and is only 10 minutes from our house, so we may have to visit his old baby. Perhaps that would just be too painful, sigh. Ok, sorry about that tangent. But can you believe that the little Bugs had the horsepower to tow a caravan?
In the UK. Love the building as backdrop.
I wish I knew where this was, but the location was not identified.
Interior of a restored travel trailer. Loving the turquoise! Via Vintage Trailer Crazy.
Three interiors of a fantastic large travel trailer. Via Loobylu.

Headed toward the South of France, circa late 1960's. Via Tin Can Tourists.
Happy camping!


Tina Tarnoff said...

I love these! I jsut saw recently a vintage teardrop (I think that's what they're called) purple caravan and it was heaven!

Beth said...

I love these photos. Earlier today, I was dreaming of a roadtrip... I say that every year, but maybe this summer I can really do it.

Liz Arnold said...

Hello and thanks for visiting Homebodies!!! I am following you now, too. And what a cool site you have! Fantastic photos. I love the look of these. Makes living in a caravan look so cool....

Awesome Sara said...

holy moly these caravans are sick!!! i love!!! thanks for such the lovely comments on my guest blog!! if you're my single-white- female- stalker, let it be so!!

Laura @ EdenRose said...

I WANT A CARAVAN!!!!The coolest photo's ever X

kadler said...

Ahhh, love these! That lady and dude are so fabulous. I could see them holding martinis for a trailer happy hour... once they put the doll down.

me melodia said...

These desperately make me want a vintage airstream.
Also I want to jump in that photo with the vw bug and ride with that guy.
(oh and I love the idea of bugapalloza!)

Patchwork Harmony said...

yay! maybe we should start a vintage caravan appreciation society!?! tee hee!

I am still trying to convince my boyfriend how much fun it would be to go off to the English seaside in one.... he's not quite there yet, but I'm working on it! x

loving your blog! x