She works in a monkeyhouse & has lizards on her nubbins

Have I ever told you about my dear friend Amy? Over the almost 20 years that I have known her, she has been my therapist, my shoulder to cry on, my my wing-woman, my partner in crime. As one of the funniest people I've ever known, Amy has made me laugh so hard that milk (ok, beer) came out of my nose. She moved to Florida last year, so when I saw this cute mug at 10thAvenueEast, it screamed Amy. (Her self-portrait below.)
Stephanie at 10thAvenueEast even included the prettiest personalized card for me:
The title of this post pertains to a couple of Amy-isms. When I was on the phone with her last week and asked how her new orange tree was doing, she said "there are lizards on my nubbins" and proceeded to send me this pic (in the few seconds between her proclamation and taking this pic, the lizard had moved from the tiny orange to the branch). I've been entertained with many reptile-related stories since Amy moved to Florida.
The office building where Amy works is in a building that used to be some sort of a monkey house in the 50's & 60's. You read correctly, a monkey house. The Rockefellers must have funded it, there's a dedication plaque. I would love to see old pics of this place when the monkeys were still there. It looks like a cool mid-century building, with a big atrium and planters everywhere. Amy promised more pics of the monkey house.

A few more favorites from 10thAvenueEast:
How cool is that brass bull?


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Monkey?! I'm intrigued!
I like that wooden desk tray~

Sam said...

Sweet tribute to a best buddy. There are lizards on my nubbins! She sounds like a heap of fun!

Pretty Little World said...

That building looks so cool! It looks like it should be a Dharma station on Lost or something.