Cute shoes.

Here's a hint at a post I've been working on that will (hopefully) go live this weekend. I'm ridiculously in love with these Shoreham Wedge Sandals from Sperry Top-Sider. At $90, I can't justify buying them right now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in a month or two they'll go on sale.
A few fun things I've seen the past few weeks:

Great shadow.

Pink Stairs.

Cool tattoo.

A new favorite shop (found via yummychummy)

The most beautiful aerial photographs I've ever seen.

It's good to be Richard Branson.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Robyn said...

Pink stairs! I used to have a spiral stair case in my apartment, and I hated that thing. Perhaps in pink it would have been better.

Also, that tattoo includes a bird IN A VEST!

Sam said...

Those shoes - perfect for summer! ...and those links are fab! Can't get over Diana's tattoos! Have a super good weekend!ox

Little Gray Pixel said...

LOVE those shoes. You should definitely stalk them.