Funky and Fun Etsy Finds

A few funky and fun Etsy finds for you:
Bigfoot and Abominable Snowman Magnet Set by PearsonMaron. Available in lots of colors and also as a pin so you can take your monster with you everywhere for all to enjoy. $17
Knitting in Biology 101 (Dark Cork Background) from CraftyHedgehog. So bizarre. Even more bizarre, you can buy it in a real disection tray. Ah, I can smell the formaldehyde now (and that's a bad scent memory!). You can also buy the pattern for this little froggy if you'd like to knit it yourself. $62
The Stripper Vintage Record from jlovesupreme. This delightful record is strangely titled "David Rose and his orchestra play The Stripper and Other Songs For the Family." Hmmm...burlesque for the whole family... $7
Whip It Good - Little Devo Hat Baking or Gelatin Molds from my funny girl AuntiePrincess. I don't know what on earth I would do with these, but I want them in the worst way. $10

Stinky Lites are your Incense Savior -- Set of Four by dippylulu. You really MUST read the description for this yourself. It even includes a poem. Notice how many times I linked to this item? That's because it's knock you on your arse funny. Check out the gas mask on the cover of the Stinky LItes matchbook. These were brought to my attention by my pal LoveBlossom when she created the funniest Etsy treasury ever. $6.50


Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

LOL - I so want that record - I've been eyeing it for ages...

rachaelgking said...

I LOVE that stripper vintage record! How can something be hilarious and hot at the same time??

Jamie said...

Thanks Cottage! Oh and yes I cried laughing so hard at the stink lites and think I will buy some!

Mary-Laure said...

Thanx for this selection, I love it when other bloggers comb through Etsy for great finds!

Cassaundra said...

thanks for the comments!

i haven't seen the zach galifinakis skit but i will definetely check it out!

oh god .. if you haven't seen these, PLEASE (i'm begging you!) check these out!



have a beautiful weekend, friend!