Under the Weather

Hmmmm...my last post just disappeared. It's that kind of day. I should be in the bed right now, feeling like this:
And like this:
I wish I felt like this:
Or like this:
Thanks for putting up with my medicine-head post. Images sources (from top to bottom):

Monkey - google search (source forgotten)
Jack & Jilly cupcake: Myspace
Dahlias & happy couple: Flickr (from onelovephoto.com)
Smiling birds: StacyKoay.net


Cassaundra said...

get well soon!

love that last photo - it's so cute.

Awesome Sara said...

awwww, feel better!!!! can't wait till you come back!!!!!!

drollgirl said...

hope you feel better soon. stay in bed as long as possible and get it out of yer system!

Awesome Sara said...

since you are getting married and you like origami, i remembered this post from another blog that maybe you might like. enjoy!

Jamie said...

lol....very cute even if you are looking like a monkey and sick...hee hee...get better eat LOTS of cookies I DEMAND IT! now don't argue with the doctor!

Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

awwww, so sorry to hear you're feeling icky :(
Get well soon, we miss ya in the forum!!


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, you guys are too sweet! Sara, I adore Joanna's site, and read it daily. I plan on catching up on a bunch of her older "A Cup of Jo" and "Smitten" posts this weekend. The one upside to being sick - I have an excuse to lay around and wear PJ's until way too late in the day.

kadler said...

Feel better! It has not been a good week for our health :(

kadler said...

Sorry about the blog mishap and I hope you feel better!

Love the smiley birds photo