Jimmy Fallon Loves Us! (Part 2)

Because I could only embed one video in my prior post, there just had to be a "part two" about Jimmy Fallon's love affair with the Chattanooga Mocs. The Roots performed a sexy tribute to our coach last night. ESPN rumors that Jimmy Fallon flew the entire Chattanooga Mocs band and cheerleaders to the show, to air tonight. Fallon's blog has ongoing posts about the Mocs, and he is even tweeting updates via Twitter. Catch the action at Jimmy Fallon's blog, which is full of fun video posts. And tune in tonight to see what else cute little Jimmy Fallon is up to. I promise to get back to fashion and design posts when my Mocs get creamed by UConn tomorrow.


Cassaundra said...

i love that photo - hysterical!

Unknown said...

i love jimmy fallon - it's so good to see his success!!! xoxo