Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains

Here to provide a mini-escape for you, I'm posting some photos from my trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains on Sunday. The Boy and I bailed on the backpacking trip we had planned on taking this weekend, but we were still able to escape to the Georgia mountains for a day hike. These images were taken from Brasstown Bald, the highest point in the state of Georgia. Until I get my film developed, these are a few taken with my little digital:
Too much like an image on an a cheesy inspirational card? Perhaps. But the sun's rays made me happy, so I had one of those "stop the car I've got to grab a photo" moments.
From the observation tower at the summit. It's kind of nice that you have to take a hike to get to the tower. You feel you've earned the privilege of seeing these vistas. The trees in the foreground were striking (note to self: go back with tree guide to identify). I also like the appearance of the sky being overexposed.
The observation tower, constructed in 1965 where the old CCC fire tower once stood. I'd like to find out who the architect was. The haze cleared a bit while were were on top of the mountain, evident in the blue skies in the pics above and below.


Cassaundra said...

nothing like rolling hills on a beautiful sunday afternoon. :-)

gorgeous, postcard-esque. i like it.

Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

Bee-utiful pics!!

kadler said...

That first pic is gorgeous. Reminds me of growing up in Virginia!

P.S. I might take it and add a cheesy slogan across the front. Just because it's that perfect!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Beautiful! We used to live in the Blue Ridge Mtns near Asheville...so incredible to view..any time of the year!

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

Awww - I wannna go!

Couture Carrie said...



Awesome Sara said...

WoW. Just WoW.