The weekend...

My weekend is packed with activities, including two out of town family get-togethers (different towns). This summer is turning out to be crazy busy - I'm behind on work, blog reading, and "me" time, though I'm enjoying fun visits with family and friends. By the way, thanks to all of you for leaving your reading suggestions in comments of this post.
My poor yard has been a little neglected of late. I cut some dwarf zinnias and made a cheery little arrangement for the dining room table. Oh, and I forgot to share the news that we have baby birds again this year! I'll try to snap some pics over the weekend. I named last year's pair "Bert" and Ernie", and I'm taking name suggestions for this year's fledglings.
What is everyone else up to this holiday weekend? Have a great time, and stay safe!


Don said...

Pretty flowers.
Looks like we're headed up the California coast towards Eureka. Just cruising.

Kitty Stampede said...

heya...sounds like a great weekend! you guys always have something excellent sounding planned. Steve and I are taking a road trip to Montreal, a little over an hour away. It's an adventure of a big city. Should be interesting. My little sister is there right now and we are going to stay with her. She is leaving soon to go to Yellow Knife, up north..so I need to get in a visit. Can't wait...she is the funniest girl in the world, i swear.
enough blabbing...wish you and your hubster a most wonderful weekend!!

oh and gorgeous flowers...take more birdie pics if you can..:)

Hello Lindello said...

Thankfully our weekend is pretty chill, but I know what you mean about crazy busy! Have a great 4th dear!