I wish my real sofa & chairs were this cool.

Just a quickie post, a little hint of what I'm working on for later. I found this freaking awesome mod Barbie furniture over the weekend, which has inspired me to go a little 70's crazy now.


White White

My post title is such a dud (I'm the worst at titles). Please forgive, and enjoy these crisp & clean white interiors.
source forgotten (anyone know?)
One white room in my house is just not enough. I'm thinking a summer makeover is in order for my living room. Now if only I could afford a new sofa (I'm really hating on mine right now). It's supposed to be a gorgeous week, I'm hoping to spend a little time in the yard. And there will definitely be some bike riding...


Stuffed Poblanos

I made stuffed poblano peppers last week and they were so good that I'm making them again tonight. When I have the recipe perfected, I'll share it here. We're eating a lot of vegetarian meals these days, so I'll work on a meat-free recipe too. You can't see it, but there's a lot of rice hidden away in there.
Sorry for the sad little post. My internet was down for half of the day (thanks Comcast), and I've been a busy bee since then. Off to cook...


Lula Lake

Yesterday's weather was gloriously sunny, one of those days that just makes you feel warm and happy to your core. Mr. Cheese and I took a hike up at Lula Lake, on Lookout Mountain. The area is managed by a land trust, and it is only open to the public two days a month. I was really happy with the way most of my pictures came out, although I didn't quite capture the large falls in all of their grandiosity, so I'll take more pics of it next trip. First pic is the base of the smaller (yet still quite impressive) falls of Rock Creek.
Rock Creek, so clear and just beautiful.

Lula Lake from above the small falls. Yes, it's that blue.
The small falls from above.
Seriously, no photoshopping, this is the true color of the lake.
Pretty pink blooms on this unidentified tree, must look this one up in the tree book.

(These are random people that I don't know)

Signs of an long-since-gone homestead: daffodils and rambling rose bushes (although beautiful, sadly the roses are quite invasive).

When I mentioned in Friday's post that I'd be taking a hike in one of Tennessee's most beautiful places, I forgot that Lula Lake is actually in Georgia. I often do this, as we live so close to the state line. The next open gate day at Lula Lake is next Saturday. Perhaps that's a good day for a picnic and a bit more exploring...


Modern Breadbox

I was browsing Target on Wednesday, not really with the intent to buy any housewares, but I perused much of the store just to see the Liberty of London pieces because the patterns look so darn cute. When lo and behold, I laid my eyes on the turquoise bread box by Room Essentials. And it's only $14.99! I almost cried because it doesn't work in my current kitchen. I'm considering buying it to put away for the next house. My Target stocked the red and turquoise, although I think it's available in yellow, green, black, and white as well. Oh, and the bread boxes are much cooler in person - Target's pictures don't do them justice. They feel substantial too. Pic via Jenn Ski.
Although I was looking for inexpensive dresses to wear on vacation (not that I have one exactly planned yet), what I picked up was this Liberty of London Tunic. It's so versatile, and although it's really thin and airy, it's not see-through. Sleeves roll up or down, pair it with capri leggings and flip-flops or dressy heeled sandals, or wear belted with leggings and boots, throw on a cardigan or blazer over it, or wear it alone as a swim cover-up (it's cute enough to go from beach to town). It's adorable!


Nice. View.

Wouldn't it be nice to look out your window and see this view each morning?

Edinburgh, Scotland
Solid Frog
How happy is everyone that it's Friday? It's not that I've had a bad week, but we're going hiking tomorrow in one of the prettiest places in Tennessee, and I'm so ready to get away to the woods!


Spring Sale!

The Cottage Cheese is having a spring sale! Between now and next Friday, April 2, receive 10% off your total purchase price of all items (via Paypal refund after purchase). AND bloggers take note: if you write about my sale and post the pic below on your blog, you'll get an additional 5% discount, for a total of 15% off! Important: Please type "spring promo" in the notes to seller when you check out, also be sure to let me know if you blog about it so that I can give you the additional discount. I'm not advertising the sale in my shop, but will only be posting the promotion on my blog, facebook, and twitter, as a "thank you" to my readers. So if you've been thinking about making a purchase, now is the time to do it. This is an especially good deal for items such as the Eames chairs, large brass deer, or Scandinavian pitchers. And remember, the discount applies to your total purchase price, not just a single item. Thanks for being such loyal readers, and happy shopping!

I want this house!!!

Now you know I love mid-century modern architecture, but this may just be my favorite house ever. Seriously. AND it's in a small town in Georgia at the foot of a mountain, only 30 minutes from where I live now. I know what you're thinking: "cute cottage, nice yard, but what's so special about this house?"
My jaw dropped when I saw the interior pics. Just look at those original (refinished) tongue and groove walls and ceilings. I love how the walls have vertical wainscotting painted white. And those plantation shutters, that arch between the two rooms, the original mantel, tons of windows, pretty wood floors, oh my...
Although the house only has 1,088 square feet, the rooms seem large and airy. Just look how bright the rooms are, even with all of that wood.
Although, those ceilings fans would have to go (such a minor issue). I'm curious what the kitchen looks like, as there weren't any pics of it on the MLS listing. No matter really, I'd cook on a hotplate and do dishes in a tub if it meant living here.
The house sits on a nice large lot, and although it hasn't really been landscaped, it's already quite pretty.
Can you imagine this cutie surrounded by a cottage garden?
And it's only $80,500. Yes, that's right. Won't one of you buy it, please? I can't bear the thought of it going to a stranger. MLS info here.


I love you, Tulip Chairs

Ah, tulips...
I'm not sure if the tulip chairs in the last shot are a Saarinen design (has anyone ever seen the x-base before?), but I just had to post the pic because of that cute bride painting.