IBM Design (Part 1)

Brochure illustration by The Office of Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Associates (for IBM Pavilion for the 1964-1965 World's Fair in New York).


Go Pack Go!

Are you watching the Superbowl tonight? Good food + good beer + good football = one fun evening. My Titans and Chargers may not have made it to the big game this year, but I love watching Green Bay play, so I'm pumped about this matchup.
And Aaron Rodgers is pretty easy on the eyes, too. (But check out the circa 1982 'stache here, Aaron's January '09 look.)
Go Packers!


The Dream Green Chair Pair

I literally gasped when I saw this fabulous pair of Grete Jalk chairs on eBay this morning. My longtime readers know that I'm gaga for kelly green. Pair that affection with my love of Danish Modern lines and warm woods and you have what I consider to be THE perfect chair. And there are two. But at $1,225 with reserve not met, alas they will not be mine. My heart hurts a little.

The Loveliest Veil

Had I seen this perfect, delicate birdcage veil by myrakim two years ago, I would have surely worn it in my wedding. L-o-v-e.


Spring-like Weekend

We've enjoyed the most beautiful weekend weather; it has me craving spring and digging in the garden. I wanted to plant some pansies yesterday, but alas I could not find any for sale. I had to settle for opening the doors and watching the breeze blowing the leaves of my little gold tree.


Scandinavian Cottage Kitchen Inspiration

Combine the two kitchens pictured below and we're getting pretty close to my idea of the perfect cottage kitchen. All of that wood and 60's vintage enamel & glassware - oh my...

Images via My Scandinavian Retreat and Design is Mine

I'm looking forward to the weekend, although I am feeling a bit blue today. Two of our close friends were in a horrible accident while on a road trip to California (they were hit by a Semi on an icy bridge in Arkansas). They are very lucky to be alive, but I'm still wearing my worried face. I have a great distraction though - I'm lucky to work with a group of characters who keep me laughing even on my dark days.


Available here.


Goodbye Snow

I'm happy to see sunny skies and temperatures above freezing, but I must admit I will miss the snow when it's gone. As will Molly and Dodge.

No, we did not adopt another dog. The cutie above is my neighbor's puppy, who had just found his new home the day before the snowstorm.


Eames Chairs and Aaaaayyyyyy...

My favorite finds of the week:

Set of 4 Ebony Eames DCW's (Dining Chair Wood)

My Friend the Cow (dairy ad/kid's book with the BEST mid-century illustrations)
Tiny fawn from 60's Japan
14" Fonzie Paper Doll - unused
We found a dozen really fun items over the past week, now I just need to buckle down and get them listed. But wait, football is on. I'm so easily distracted...


Snowstorm Menu (or - "I ate Everything")

On the rare occasion that it does snow here, our pantry is typically a bit bare. However, to prepare for our first big snowstorm in almost 20 years, we loaded up on food and were quite prepared to channel The Pioneer Woman and This Oddball Grill Master and proceeded to stuff ourselves to the gills. So before I post the last of my snow pictures for a while (I promise), allow me to share my dining experiences over the past 4 days. Vegetarians, look away.

Pictured in no particular order: hot dogs (which we topped with chili & everything else), fried egg sandwiches, the best-ever grilled turkey burger, chili, beer, banana bread french toast (yup) and cinnamon-nut wheat french toast. Not pictured: Oreos, Mexican food, potato chips, black cherry juice, cake & ice cream, mucho coffee. Where are the vegetables you ask? Well, there were carrots and onions in the chili and a few in the Mexi-rice... At least we took two nice long walks - one to the grocery store (beer run!), and one to the Mexican restaurant.
I do believe it's time to eat a salad.


Random Interiors: a few old favorites

A little "best of the web" random design post...
Back a bit later with a "how I spent my snow days" post. (And no, the pics won't all be of the white stuff).


Pups in the Snow

Snow Day! The pups are as excited as we are...

As you can see, Dodge is recovering quite well from his accident. (Although he will be exhausted and quite sore for a few days after such active play).


Wanderlust: the Treasury

Wanderlust. (My newest treasury - inspired by me & Mr. Cheese's love of road trippin' and vintage stuff).
See something you like? Visit the live treasury here.


Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

I spied this lovely unique bouquet on Natty Michelle. The grouping includes flowers that one would find in a cottage garden, but take a closer peek and you will also find vintage brooches. If the desired look was old-fashioned and romantic - meets - classic modern, I think the floral designer hit a home run. Beautiful and fun!
More captures of this wedding here.


Baby It's Cold Outside...

Brrr....! My office has a low window that runs the length of it, 25 feet or so. While I love to look out at the woods and see the chickadees, woodpeckers, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of other assorted woodland creatures - my feet are oft numb from the drafty window. I'm hoping that gazing at these warm images will trick my tootsies into warming up.

The fireplaces seem quite appropriate after my last cold post. And of course, I'm still dreaming of that home with a working fireplace. (I've owned 7 homes, 4 had fireplaces - not a one that was in working order). A fireplace would morph me into one log-splitting lumberjack lady.

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