Slowly making my way back...

Hello my lovelies! My "short break" turned into two and a half weeks, and I thank you all so much for sticking around while I was gone. I do have good reason for my unexpectedly long absence: some severe headaches forced a break from time on the computer (outside of the 40+ hours a week I spend staring at the screen due to work). I have also been dealing with some very sad news regarding family members who are seriously ill and tragic losses in my friends' lives that have caused me to be quite contemplative about life and love and how time is not limitless. I won't get into all of this, but will remind everyone to try to LIVE life with adventure, and no regrets.
On a brighter note, I did enjoy several weeks of good estate sales, and some good times with close friends and family. Laughter really is therapeutic. Why the picture of Paris? Because recent events have me thinking about places I absolutely must see one day - from remote backpacking trips within the States, to exciting cities all over the world.

It will probably take me a week or so to catch up with everyone, and I promise to be back with regular posting soon. Please know how much I appreciate all of you!

Photo Source: Urban Nature


A Little Break

I'm going to imagine that I'm living inside this vintage ad for a few days, would you like to join me on a fabulous virtual camping expedition?
My crazy schedule this past 5 weeks has made me quite the bear to be around. See, it's even driving me to make bad puns....
So I think I'll take a break from blogging for a few days to catch up on laundry & housework, seeing friends, and spending a little time with my bored and lonely pups. (Molly has been acting out lately to get attention). I will be back in a few days my lovelies!

The yellow chairs...

The chairs, the chairs! A perfect table setting for a casual dinner party or wedding.
Via Ebom


Molly and the Tandem Chairs

My girl Molly is a "den" doggie; she likes enclosed spaces. She is also quite the wiggly pup, so it's tough to capture her in pics. I was quite happy to get this shot of her under the Eames Tandem (airport) chairs in our living room.


The Return of Flipping Out

I'm super-excited for the tonight's season premiere of Flipping Out. This is one of the few reality shows that I watch, and is a true guilty pleasure. My favorite animal-loving obsessive compulsive home renovator, Jeff Lewis, is sure to create more high drama this season, and I for one can't wait. (And shame on you Ryan Brown, I thought you were a nice guy...)

Premieres tonight on Bravo. Photos sources: here, here, here, and here.


The Vintage Cabin

I love, love, love this home. Some rooms are playful, others classic and serene. Can you believe the house is 185 years old?

See more pictures (here), read more about the home (here), see the homeowner's cool shop "The Vintage Cabin" (here), and read her blog (here).


Birthday Weekend

Hello my lovelies, did you have a nice weekend? Mine started off with a whimper - a nasty headache put me in the bed Friday night. My husband bought me this beautiful cake. Why? It was my birthday :) Like I needed another excuse to play with my new iPhone Hipstamatic app (which I learned about through Amy. Her photos are much better than mine.)
Mmmm... chocolate cake with the best buttercream frosting ever.
We spent yesterday roaming up and down Highway 127 browsing the World's Longest Yard Sale. I found a few cool things for the shop, and highlights of the day included fresh-squeezed lemonade, the best blueberry fried pie in the whole world, and dinner at a local old-school favorite Italian restaurant. Oh, and the cake. Did I mention the cake? Every year I see some unusual stuff at the 127 sale, but this was my favorite weird thing this year: a Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Painting. And what I just noticed - it even says Happy Brd.Day!
This was one of my shop's busiest weeks ever, so today was spent packing parcels. Carving out some time to spend with friends this week is a priority. I have no social life these days...


Random Pretty Spaces

A little mid-week design inspiration...

I'm exhausted. Working 70 hours a week at one job being self employed isn't so bad, but working two is not so easy. I'm still adapting, so please forgive my shorter, less frequent posts and sparse commenting on everyone's blogs lately. (I'm still reading, but I've been a lurker).


Much more interesting than my prom dress...

Did you see this yahoo story about the duct tape prom competition? Over 240 couples across the U.S. and Canada competed for scholarships by designing and making their prom outfits entirely out of duct tape.
I'm seriously impressed.
See more photos and read the entire article here.



One night last week I dreamed that I saw a moonbow. It was so real in my mind that I had to ask my husband if it had really happened and that I had somehow forgotten about it.