Rebel Green

Rebel Green eco-friendly products. I dig:
Organic cotton Peace Girl (wife-beater) tank. $28
Organic cotton lunch tote with matching reusable napkin. $24


Vintage Fortune Magazine Covers

Incredible mid-century Fortune Magazine covers. The first two are Charley Harper-esque, but I'm not sure if Harper ever contributed artwork to Fortune.

via ffffound

The "Real" Florida

The "Real" Florida has captured my heart, my soul, my entire being. I already miss the the Spanish moss-draped Live Oak trees that line sandy streets of small town neighborhoods, the shore birds everywhere, watching the tides go in and out, the slow-paced living, riding my bike for miles and miles and miles. I miss the ramshackle cracker houses of Florida's hardy original settlers and the restored Victorians surrounded by cottage gardens. I miss the rivers, lakes, springs, ocean, gulf and beaches. I even miss the little green and brown Anole lizards that are always underfoot.
Our route this trip took us from Jacksonville and St Augustine to Cedar Key, then to Micanopy, Macintosh, Cross Creek, and Orange Lake (a cluster of small towns near Gainesville). I did come back with one regret, that we missed seeing any springs on this trip. We drove 75 miles out of our way to visit our favorite spring at Manatee Springs State Park only to find that the park was closed (as were most of the state parks with springs) due to major flooding of the Suwanee River.

My obsession with documenting every interesting and/or beautiful thing has become a bit overwhelming, evident by the almost 1,000 photographs that I took in just one week. So my first Florida trip post is a little taste of some of the lovely places I went last week. Future Florida posts will chronicle my visits to each area. There is so much I want to show you!

Above, pic #1 "Miss Clarabelle", an old fishing boat now sits outside the Cedar Key State Museum. Yes, that's me in pic #2, showing off my crazy out-of-control Florida hair. Bangs are not my friend in Florida. I just realized that's the first picture of myself I have ever posted, and it's of me minus makeup with frizzy hair in a bathroom. Lovely. Below: The restored Sinclair home on Cedar Key, next to the museum.
St. Francis statue at a tiny park with Live Oaks and Plams, nestled in a grand neighborhood of historic downtown St. Augustine. The scent of Jasmine was in the air.
Cool mod house numbers posted on a Palm tree in St. Augustine. Strangely, the house at #47 sat abondoned and in disrepair, with notices posted on the home and trees. Of course, I was dreaming of restoring this old home on the river to it's former grandeur.
One of dozens (hundreds?) of feral or semi-feral cats on Cedar Key. Surprisingly, most look very healthy. The locals and tourists feed them.
The tiny beach at Cedar Key at low tide. Sailboat anchored off in the distance.
Close-up of a beautiful Egret who was a constant presence by our little rental cottage. I must have taken 50 pictures of her.
The back of an abonded home in charming McIntosh. This one was calling for me to restore it too.
Sunset at Cedar Key.
A taste of Florida's golden years: The Boy outside of The 50's era Orange Hut, which I believe was in Orange Lake (lots of little towns clustered together, so it may have been one town over). The oranges we bought here were the best I have ever tasted. That's just a little taste of "The Sunshine State". I will alternate my Florida posts with other subjects so that you don't start thinking of me as that annoying person who wants to show you slides of their vacation. I just know this is a special place that should be shared with the world.


Meet the Polaroid Swinger

I'm back.....

So sorry to disappoint, but I haven't had a chance to upload and organize my hundreds of trip photos yet. You know how it is when you go on vacation - it takes a week to catch up on stuff when you return. I promise lots of lovely Florida pics and stories over the next week. I also will be catching up on all of your blogs, including checking out my new followers and all of you other lovelies who left comments for me while I was away.

In the tiny town of Micanopy, Florida I happened upon an old battered case for the original Polaroid Swinger Land Camera #20, and since then the boy and I have been slightly obsessed with "The Swinger".

The boy found this 1960's commercial for the original Polaroid Swinger on youtube. Starring Ali McGraw and featuring a super-catchy jingle by Barry Manilow (his best song EVER), it is one of the best vintage ads I have ever seen. Did I mention it is set on the beach?

Images below were found searching flickr for "Polaroid Swinger". Surprisingly, all of the images are recent except for the last two, which are vintage 1960's. They are amazing!


Random Pretty Pretty Things

Oh how I wanted my last post before vacation to be an in depth analysis of a beautiful design movement, but alas I ran out of time. However, I will leave you with some Florida images and handmade garments that make me happy. The first four photos are of St. Augustine, via flickr. I'm so excited to be hanging out in this old city tomorrow.

Photograph taken by Toni Frisell at Weeki Wachi Spring in 1947 (via Glamoursplash.) The natural springs of Florida are something you simply must see at some time in your life.
And because I'm feeling girlie and not too happy with my wardrobe right now, a couple of my Etsy favorites. Don't you just love this handbag from oktak? I really, really want it. I'll bet you do to.

I could be so mysterious and sophisticated in this hat by sanchia845.
And I'll leave you with this incredible White Dahlia gown from joanshum. Have a lovely week everyone!


All the Pretty Flowers

Offbeat Bride's Flickr Pool is too much fun! There are a lot of unusual weddings that aren't particularly my taste, although I appreciate them for how personal they are to each bride and groom. The photographs of the flowers are my favorites. Even for a more traditional and preppy gal like me, there are so many lovely ideas. I love the yellow poms and use of steel cans as vases below. My Mom is an amateur florist, so she will be making my arrangements, and we are definitely going to borrow the can idea for our tiny outdoor wedding.
The flowers below are crepe paper. I love them! At a thrift store a couple of miles from my house I found an book entirely dedicated to making paper flowers, so when I have a bit of free time I'm going to get crafty and try to make some. As a child living in San Diego, every few months we would go to Old Town (like a Little Mexico) and my sister and I each brought home a giant crepe paper flower as a souvenir. I kept my paper flower arrangement until I was in my teens and they were just too dusty and impossible to clean, and getting pretty tattered. I miss them. I still remember exactly what they looked like.


French Photographer Marco La Grenouille

After a lovely Easter weekend full of grilling, eating far too many deviled eggs, and a dozen hours working in the garden, it's time for me to face the not-so-fun things in life. I haven't prepared our taxes yet (I know, bad girl), and last Friday a rock chipped my windshield which has since turned into a huge crack that is spreading fast. Strangely, my fiance's windshield cracked last week too. And we're having plumbing problems. Fun, Fun. I chose to procrastinate this morning and lose myself for a while in the mesmerizing photos of French photographer Marco La Grenouille. His prints are so inexpensive in Marco's Etsy shop, and he has a pretty cool blog too.

Have a lovely day!