Thank You.

As we enjoy our backyard cookouts and beach vacations, let us remember...
No matter what our political beliefs, it is a day to come together and remember those who have fought and died in the service of our country. Photo Source


New in the Shop

Here's a peak at some recent additions to the Etsy and eBay shops:

P.S. Guess which one of the above was my husband's "find"?


Enamored with ...sending postcards

I'm completely enamored with the travel blog ...sending postcards. A big thanks to Mina & Alex for share their adventures with us.


She works in a monkeyhouse & has lizards on her nubbins

Have I ever told you about my dear friend Amy? Over the almost 20 years that I have known her, she has been my therapist, my shoulder to cry on, my my wing-woman, my partner in crime. As one of the funniest people I've ever known, Amy has made me laugh so hard that milk (ok, beer) came out of my nose. She moved to Florida last year, so when I saw this cute mug at 10thAvenueEast, it screamed Amy. (Her self-portrait below.)
Stephanie at 10thAvenueEast even included the prettiest personalized card for me:
The title of this post pertains to a couple of Amy-isms. When I was on the phone with her last week and asked how her new orange tree was doing, she said "there are lizards on my nubbins" and proceeded to send me this pic (in the few seconds between her proclamation and taking this pic, the lizard had moved from the tiny orange to the branch). I've been entertained with many reptile-related stories since Amy moved to Florida.
The office building where Amy works is in a building that used to be some sort of a monkey house in the 50's & 60's. You read correctly, a monkey house. The Rockefellers must have funded it, there's a dedication plaque. I would love to see old pics of this place when the monkeys were still there. It looks like a cool mid-century building, with a big atrium and planters everywhere. Amy promised more pics of the monkey house.

A few more favorites from 10thAvenueEast:
How cool is that brass bull?


What I wish I were doing right now...

To be a kid again!
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It's hot here, like summer is settling in.

Homemade Twix Bars & Lost Withdrawal

I found this recipe for homemade Twix bars via Curbly, and I'm trying to come up with an occasion for which to make them. Having an entire batch of a dessert this tasty at my house is sabotage for the waistline. My husband and I would scarf them up waaaay to quickly. Did I mention it's no-bake, so you don't even have to heat up your summer kitchen?
My weekend included blueberry pancakes, some good estate sale finds (the most unique being a gigantic old Armour "Kre-Mit" shortening tin that held 110 lbs!), yard work, watching movies, and the finale of LOST. I'm still not sure how I feel about that finale. I liked parts of it a lot (that closing shot was absolutely perfect), but I feel quite unsatisfied. There are just so many unanswered questions. Overall, the entire series was epic, and I'm sad to see it end. Perhaps I need to make some homemade Twix bars to help fill the void.


Eames Chair Madness Part IV

I just listed another shell chair, which reminded me that I'm long overdue for another Eames Chair Madness post. Last fall when I was in Texas, my Dad decided it was time to part with the rest of his LP collection. We brought a few home, including this one from The Animals.
Can't get enough Eames? Older Eames Chair Madness posts here, here, and here.

My weekend plans are pretty vague at this point. If the weather clears I'd like to go enjoy a couple of beers at a minor league baseball game. What are you doing this weekend?


Pretty Tables

Confession: I rarely give much attention to table setting (it's all we can do some weeks to cook a few meals). Surely any meal - no matter how simple - would be more enjoyable eaten at one of these beautiful tables.

All images via zara home except #9 via homebug & #10 via desire to inspire

A Tasty Man to Start your Day...

What?! This Tom Selleck Cake has been out there on the web for almost 2 years and yet I'd never seen it until little grey pixel posted it a few days ago. You are a genius alicia policia.
Gives new meaning to the word "beefcake". For the record, I would have requested a mustache piece. Have I ever told you how much Mr. Cheese loves Magnum? Can you blame him - what dude growing up in the 80's didn't want to solve crimes, live in Hawaii, and drive a Ferrari?


Vintage Regatta Fashion

Nautical is everywhere right now, which makes me such a happy girl. Because my Dad built small sailboats while I was growing up, I saw my fair share of nautical attire - from practical preppy (deck shoes, Op tees and corduroy shorts, Patagonia sailing shorts) to regatta party and trophy dinner attire (madras pants, red sport coats, canvas/ribbon sailboat belts, and lots of sailboat print dresses). Here are a few of my favorite nautical Etsy vintage fashion picks:
Mod Sailboat Dress from violetvillevintage
50's Vintage Navy Sailor Sweater from lollycrispvintage
Nautical Red Day Dress from Thrush
Cherry Corduroy Shorts from StopTheClock
Sailing Day Stripe Skirt from stilettogirl
Nautical Pin-up Girl Shorts from robinhartman
1960's Red Anchor Sweater Vest from FASHIONRERUN
Nautical Tri-color purse from joyelizabethG
Sailor Dress from TimelessVixenVintage
1950's Swimsuit from RockZombieOldies
Salty Sailor 1960's Blazer from Planetclairevintage
Madras Pendleton Jacket (for Men or Women) from 10thAvenueEast
Nautical Flag Belt (Men's) from madmenvintage
Sebago Topsiders Boat Shoes (Men's) from bootmeister

On a related note, Anita from the fabulous RollingHillsVintage made this super-cute nautical themed "Victoria Was A Sporting Woman" treasury over the weekend. My sad little screen shot doesn't do it justice. Click here to see the treasury full-size.

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Although we didn't spend the weekend on a boat, we did manage steal away to Crossville on Saturday for a hike and a trip to my favorite small town modern store. And yesterday we finally listed one of the Eames Lounge Chairs. We've decided to enjoy the other one for a while...