Stockholm has been on my "places to see in my lifetime" list for some time now, but after viewing these pics from Elle Decor, it has moved to the top of the list. More pics here.

Isn't this little mid-century-style map adorable?


Little Gray Pixel said...

Oh how I'd love to be on one of those sailboats in the first pic.

Caitlin said...

Is that all cheese on display in the 4th picture? Be still my heart!


Janne said...

You'll love Stockholm! Go if you can! It's one of my absolute favorite places.

The little map looks a lot like a Lena Corwin piece:

Cheryl said...

Nice! I've always wanted to visit Stockholm, hopefully in summer when the days are really long.

Don said...

This is very inviting...love the sailboats!

Pretty Little World said...

I wish I could take a couple of months in the summer and travel about in that area. I'd love to see Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, and pretty much all of Germany. Le sigh... the odds of winning the lottery are good, right?