Happy Halloween!

I'm attending the annual Halloween bash at Aretha Frankensteins tonight, and thought I'd share a few pics that my husband took at the first party back in 2003. That is our illustrious Senator Bob Corker (although he was the Mayor of Chattanooga at the time), posing with a friend of ours. The dude in the tribal codpiece in the background is my husband's former neighbor.
Our host and hostess.
Happy Halloween everyone!


A good Saturday: Architectural Exchange & Assorted Wanderings

Two weekends ago, my husband and I were a feeling a little restless, so we wandered around town (both on foot and by car) taking pictures along the way. I was actually testing a vintage camera, but pulled out the digital when the mood struck me. We stopped in my favorite salvage shop in town, Architectural Exchange. The salvage area is so dark that I didn't get good pics, but for an old-house lover such as myself, it's like a playground. In addition to all of the old doors, trim and mouldings, fireplace mantles and tile, windows, doorknobs, etc., the owner also stocks great old light fixtures and chandeliers, and part of the building is dedicated to antiques.
Check out the mod door. Love...
Collection of Breyer horses...
Coke crates, mirrors, unique shutters, old prints and paintings, (and I dig the ladders hung from the ceiling)...
I really wanted this adorable metal turkey platter, but had to resist because I'm so short on space for new things. I think it was only $14.
I had to include this shot because I do love some Russel Wright. But I have to say, EVERY single shop or antique mall I've ever seen Russel in is ridiculously overpriced. I don't think that shop owners really want to part with it. The big stack of saucers was mid-century Bob's Big Boy (though I think the restaurant was called by another name, and it wasn't Shoney's).
I loved this pair of large desert prints, and thought they were well priced at $50.
After leaving Architectural Exchange, we took a walk around Coolidge Park. I know some of you are giraffe lovers like me, so imagine my delight when I came upon this little piece of "graffiti".

I'm sad to say that we thought we would be out of town, so we made no real plans for Halloween. So I can't wait to see your pics and hear about your Halloween madness, bwaaahhhahaha... (<---evil villain laugh). Have a great weekend!


Featured blog: What's blogging my view

A reminder: if you haven't already done so, don't forget to enter my giveaway hosted by Down and Out Chic. You can win your choice of a Danish modern peacock candelabra or a 1940's Argus camera. International entries are welcome too, but hurry up and enter - the winner will be chosen tonight!

I'm long overdue for a feature on one of my favorite blogs: what's blogging my view. Not only does Norwegian blogger Janne provide constant design inspiration for me, but her various posts about her adopted Fox Terrier Kurt, her little boy, her attempts to save a baby bird, her travels, and everything else that she blogs about have me alternately smiling, laughing, crying, googling, thinking, and thankful that there are people so lovely and talented as Janne out there in the world.
Janne has been featured in several publications, including Norwegian Elle(!). She finds the coolest things for her home, many of them vintage, often thrift finds. The shelves above Janne's couch include a dog pencil drawing dated 1931, which she found at a junk yard. That amazing oil painting is by Norwegian artist named Ansgar Leiten, and is dated 1965. Another amazing flea market find!
In Janne's tiny sewing room, a cupboard inherited from her grandfather, and a lovely plate display (which I know Christina will appreciate).
Just a tiny example of Janne's extensive mid-century dinnerware collection.
A furniture makeover by Janne.
I envy Janne's dinnerware and pottery collection, because it's extremely hard to find fabulous mid-century Scandinavian pieces where I live.

Janne makes beautiful pillows and pillow covers from vintage fabrics and silk scarves. She sells her pillows and other handmade items for the home in her online shop JB Design. She also has an Etsy shop, where she sells her book covers and magnets sewn from vintage fabrics, and brooches made from vintage dinnerware.

And for all of you who enjoyed my Omodern post, here is some great info from Janne: "Omodern is Swedish for unfashionable, by the way. And the white box in the shower is the hot water tank/boiler. I have a whole book on 'man bands' as you call them - I keep thinking I should make a blog post..." Pretty please, will you do a blog post on the man bands, Janne?



Exciting news everyone! Down and Out Chic is hosting the first ever giveaway from The Cottage Cheese, so be sure to pop over and enter!

My husband stumbled upon Omodern last night. This site features design so bad that it's good and man-band-fashion from the 1970's, and is so funny that it actually hurts a little. Imaginary real estate ad for this home: "The kitchen is conveniently stable-adjacent." Um, is it wrong that I think the green paneling is kind of cool?
I don't know what's going on here, but that kid is really pissing Mom off. Mom's outfit is kind of adorable.
I dig this bathroom. Yep, I said it.
Although it's loud, I think this room is kind of fun. I envy that wall shelf.
Yellow and bronze make for one sexy bathroom. Heh.
A number of things puzzle me about this room. Is there some sort of electrical appliance plugged into the shower area? What is that little green rectangle on the wall behind the lavatory? Are carpet AND area rugs needed in a bath (seems a redundancy of germ collectors)? Does that white box hanging on the wall dispense some sort of feminine hygeine product?
Coordinate your kitchen with your car! A bit overboard on the green, but I still think this is one of the best 70's kitchens I've ever seen.
Not only does Omodern show off really good bad rooms, but we also have examples of decorating with faux fur...
And a wonderful spread of fashionable 1970's boy bands (although the "boys" were all middle-aged, or perhaps just looked middle-aged). Soooo many unattractive men in double knit poly in every color of the rainbow...
I love you Omodern.
Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to enter the giveaway!


12 Great Workspaces

When researching interiors for this blog, images of studios and home offices are the pictures I always get really excited about. But why? I'm not an artist, crafter, or writer by trade. Yet I dream of having a workspace as well-organized and stylish as any of these spaces. I would happily sleep in a tiny cubby of a room and have the largest room in the house dedicated to shelf after shelf full of books, drawing tables, attractive storage boxes and my supplies, while surrounded by great lighting and large windows. My dream room would definitely include a comfortable yet stylish Eames aluminum group chair (I still kick myself for passing up the white leather one I found on sale for $400 NEW a couple of years ago). I have studied each of these pics for a quite a long time, and I find elements in each that I would love to incorporate into my ideal workspace one day.

Perhaps one day when I settle in a house that I think of more as a home rather than an investment, I will create a beautiful, organized workspace. Even if it's just a pretty closet.


A Teaser

Via The Project Girl...
I'm working on a proper post full of envy-inducing work spaces, this pic is merely a teaser. Not only is this cool little closet workspace perfect for small homes and apartments, but it's also a great way to incorporate wallpaper into a space, especially for those with wallpaper commitment issues (like me). More later...


Fun Mid-Century Living & My New Addition

I love this living room from blogger Welcome to Deluxeville. Brightly colored mid-century rooms can sometimes be a bit difficult to pull together (speaking from personal experience), but this room is so inviting. Dreamy Heywood Wakefield tables...
My new addition: The "My Double"dress form made by Dritz. Sorry for the cruddy picture. It was night-time and I was feeling impatient. I love her and can't bear to part with her, although I have no idea where I will put her yet. Her stand was missing, and my husband offered to make one out of copper pipe, which could look pretty cool, but I don't think that project is going to be underway any time soon. I found the dress form at an antique shop in Sparta, TN.

'Round the World We Sail

I sold this sweet vintage childrens' book in the shop a few months ago, but think the beautiful illustrations are worth sharing here. 'Round the World We Sail by Janet Laura Scott was published in 1939. This sweet book tells the story of twins Jib and Jigger who sail around the world on a clipper ship called Flying Cloud.