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This Week's Road Trips

I'm taking 3 mini road trips this week. This morning I'm off to Nashville to see my brand new cousin. Tomorrow I'm headed up to Crossville for cheese, wine, hiking, and treehouse (more on that later), and will likely head up to the Cumberland Plateau again this weekend for the world's longest yard sale. Or perhaps we will break with tradition and take the Lookout Mountain, Alabama route of the sale this time. I'm hoping to come back with a few treasures and a belly full of fresh fried pies. I promise a full report.


Happy Weekend to You

Last week Mr. Cheese and I took the day off to hike and take a dip in this perfect swimming spot up on the Cumberland Plateau. The trek to the swimming hole was a bit too treacherous to risk taking the good camera (though with creek crossings and waterfall rewards along the way). So no pics this time. It was a dreamy day. The image above perfectly captures the pure childlike joy of the moment in my memory.

Go do something fun this weekend. Feel like a kid again!

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Mr. Cheese with Molly

I had every intention of being a better blogger. Truly. A few things have been keeping me busy, mostly positive stuff. In the past two months I:

Had an awesome visit with my parents visiting from Texas
Went to Athens, GA for a fun family get together (and saw my cousin's amazing new modern home)
Painted almost every inch of trim in my house
Painted our master bedroom
Finished a walnut coffee table that my father built
Tidied and mulched flower beds
Painted the round chair that lives on our porch
Painted frames & finally framed some art we've had for ages
Had a giant yard sale
Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned
Got the house ready for a professional photo shoot. Super exciting!

More detailed pics to follow in the upcoming days...