Close Shave at a 1950's Tennessee Barbershop

Pikeville, Tennessee Circa 1959. My sweetie's grandparents owned a side-by-side barbershop (his) and beauty salon (hers). The man in the hat on the right is my sweetie's grandfather, Charles Davis. He looked so dashing, even as he surveyed the scene of the wreckage after a car crashed into the side of their building. I find this photograph fascinating, particularly the displaced garbage can, which reads "Help Keep Your City Clean, City of Pikeville."


I'm getting a makeover!

My Lovelies, please bear with me while my blog undergoes a much-needed makeover.

P.S. See my new motto above. Courtesy of ffffound.

Monday Modern

Modern rooms from ffffound:

I would love to recreate the "outdoor room" in the 2nd to last picture! The very last picture is dedicated to the lovely Biba at Inspiration Bubble.

Wedding Coiffures

As a bride-to-be, I find myself searching for my perfect wedding hairstyle. Our wedding attire will be preppy-casual, probably outdoors, and will take place on an island that is so small it doesn't even have a salon. I am so lucky that my future sister-in-law is an incredible stylist and a good friend. Hopefully she can work her magic on my naturally curly hair despite the inevitable Florida humidity in July. Of course, an up-do would be the wisest option and I did not even consider wearing my hair down. That is, until the lovely Joanna Goddard posted pictures of this beautiful bride.
I'm loving the bride's sleek bob, and it is similar to my own style on the rare occasion that I take the time to straighten my hair. Due to the heat and humidity, perhaps better to save my sleek straight bob for parties. Here are a few of my favorite wedding do's. I'm envious of the gorgeous long curls from Stephanie Beal. Now I'm missing my long locks, sigh.
Slightly messy yet so romantic. (Source forgotton - sorry!)
Because my dress will be more casual, I'm not wearing a veil. However, I would like to have a flower or two. Sorry about the tiny pic. From WeddingHair.com.
Pretty Satin headband from Etsy's Mixbaby.
Look closely - see the little braid of this bride's hair acting as a headband? From celebhairstyle.files.wordpress.com.
Vintage-inspired, don't you think? I love it. From flickr.
Pretty pony (source forgotten - sorry!).
A more formal look than I'm going for, but it's quite pretty so I chose to share. From WeddingHair.com.
What do you think? Which is your favorite? I will probably end up choosing an up-do (no veil). A vintage-inspired coiffure is also in the hunt, although I haven't found any that are quite right just yet.


Hovering Object

Thank you all for your "get well" wishes! I particularly love the "eat lots of cookies" suggestion from my friend Antique Attic. It's doubtful that I'll be able to sleep anytime soon, as I came home from work early, went to bed, and was comatose for four hours. So now I have a medicine hangover (contemplating taking more so I can sleep), and am spending my evening aimlessly wandering about online. I'm taken in by the serigraphs of artist Mark Brabant. Check out his website Hovering Object for more. Way to work a theme, Mark!
Indian Summer.
Indian Summer (detail).
Spurned (detail).
It Never Made a Sound.

Under the Weather

Hmmmm...my last post just disappeared. It's that kind of day. I should be in the bed right now, feeling like this:
And like this:
I wish I felt like this:
Or like this:
Thanks for putting up with my medicine-head post. Images sources (from top to bottom):

Monkey - google search (source forgotten)
Jack & Jilly cupcake: Myspace
Dahlias & happy couple: Flickr (from onelovephoto.com)
Smiling birds: StacyKoay.net


Betty Oatmeal

Looking for that truly one-of-a-kind dress or blouse? I just happened upon the Etsy shop Betty Oatmeal this evening. Shop owner Karen Davisson resides in Seattle and has been making her original works since 1996. The materials she uses are all vintage (fabrics, buttons) and her pieces are beyond unique because she also incorporates vintage tea towels, hooked rugs, needlepoint, wall hangings, etc. Karen even styles her fantastic pieces using vintage patterns from the 40's to the 60's. My love for this first dress is immeasurable, but alas this beauty a Size 1. Curses.
Wonder Woman and The Superfriends dress.
Fashion Feng Shui dress (back). Size 12.
Fashion Feng Shui Dress (front).
Danger Bonbons blouse. Size sm-med.
Ten Pin Bolero. Size 10.
Betty Oatmeal makes children's clothes and men's clothes too. Little Miss Alaska girl's dress (front). Girls Size 5.
Little Miss Alaska girl's dress (back).
Poker Dogs Win Hands Down smoking jacket. From Betty: "Wrap him up in a bruised green bedspread, camp him up with a bold display of the Poker Dogs, dress him up with a lush green velvet shawl collar and slip him into a lining, slippery as a satin sheet. " Betty Oatmeal, you rock!


Mod Homes in Central Florida

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I have a huge crush on the state of Florida. My gift to you: a little dose of Florida modern for you today from CentralFloridaModern.com. Please forgive me for not identifying the construction dates and locations for all of these - just no time to be organized this week. The homes below are in Orlando, Deland, Maitland, and Winter Haven, and were built between 1951 and the 80's.
Winter Haven poolside. Come to Mama.
That mid-mod home, those trees, happy sigh...
This home is in Deland, a town which I have actually been to. This lot is quite hilly, a rarity for Florida, so this home's architect designed boardwalks and decks all around the property.
I will find this house and stalk it. Oh yes, I will...
I'm not a fan of the decor here, but that floating bookshelf is so unique. Surely not to modern building codes, but I'd like to find a way to get around that when I build a home with a loft someday.
This baby is in Orlando. Liking the blue door, even though I would never think to paint a door blue.
Overlook the plain jane cabinets and countertops and look up. Gleaming wood ceilings throughout the house. Be still my heart.
Why can't HGTV give this house away?
I loved this room from the instant I first saw it. And then I noticed the Russel Wright Residential Dinnerware on the table, which I collect. I bought the first of my Residential dinnerware at a little antique store in Cedar Key. Someday my dinnerware will get to live in a 50's Florida home again.
My sweetie has been wanting an Eames "surfboard" table like this for a while, but they're only 10" tall, which I can't seem to get past. I talked him into a Nelson bench instead, but when we went to go buy it, we found a sweet deal on our Eames dining table and chairs instead. That was 4 years ago. So we still need a nice coffee table. I think we might make one out of some reclaimed American Chestnut, when we get around to it.
I think this is the same house as in photo #1 in Winter Haven. Or maybe it's a guest house. I'm headed to Florida in a couple of weeks, and though it's doubtful that I will happen upon any modern homes as envy-inducing as these, I will be on the lookout!


Vintage Wedding Goodness

Vintage Wedding eye candy from the February 1970 issue of Bride's Magazine:
Look! It's cute little Cheryl Tiegs on the cover.
Divine dresses with sleeves! (See more stunning dresses with sleeves from Blog Googles here and here).
A sweet girlie look that I like to call "Elegant Flower Child."
Scary hair and scary veil. Yikes! In a "part two" post I will include pics of the bridal hats so popular in this era. Think Little Bo Peep. In fact, I do believe one bride is actually carrying a shepherd's crook as well.
Bride's also includes great decorating and lifestyle articles. I'm loving the groovy floral prints around this time. This little room makes me feel so very happy. I want to eat cake and finger sandwiches and drink tea and play bridge and gab about boys and china patterns.