Architecture in Small Town Sparta, Tennessee

The following are my images from last summer's trip to Sparta, Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau (population 4,892). Sparta's traditional turn of the century 2 story buildings surround the courthouse in the traditional town square and continue down several side streets. However, the early 20th century architecture gives way to some interesting modern commercial architecture tucked away here and there, including the Chamber of Commerce Building. A beautiful 1930's era movie theater resides on the square, and is slowly being restored. Sparta has some great examples of Craftsman and Victorian architecture on quaint tree-lined streets.
I spy at least 5 different types of roof, all metal.
This cool mid-century commercial building features a curved half-wall of painted 50's brick, with a built-in planter. The building has a second-story that appears to be an apartment. Unfortunately, some ugly power lines did not allow for a good pic of the building in its entirety.
One of many turn of the century buildings downtown that have been restored. Almost every building is completely unique, and the attention to trim detail is extrodinary.
I spied these old life-sized metal deer in the side/back yard of a craftsman home in the downtown area. This is actually quite a cool pic, but blogger really washes out the color in my photos when I upload. Does anyone else have that problem?
One of several grand houses in downtown Sparta. This home is on a huge grassy lot on a slight hill, bordered by a stone wall. Take note of the elaborately painted trim, shutters, and columns. The residents really take pride in their historic downtown. Perhaps what makes Sparta's tidiness so surprising is that it is not a gentrified town or suburb of a large city. It is a small, mostly blue collar town. Situated amongst the stunning rolling hills of the Cumberland Plateau, it's quite idyllic (if one could tolerate living in a conservative southern town). I'll revisit this interesting little town from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! The only thing worse than living in an idyllic conservative southern town is living in an ugly conservative southern town.

AntiqueAttic said...

I will now most definitely have to go to Sparta Love that last picture!

drollgirl said...

wow! that grand house is out of control! we have a neighborhood not too far away that has many fancy homes like this. it is so fun to drive by and gawk.

Kierstin Bridger said...

Cool modern building! I'd love to see it painted khaki or burnt orange!