New Addiction: The Kitchn

Have you been reading Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn? I haven't had much time to explore new (to me) blogs lately, but I found out about this gorgeous, highly addictive blog from Kate of the fabulous Hello Victory, who had one of her items featured on the blog. The Kitchn is so cool that it may even get away with bringing back the molded gelatin salad.

And funny thing, when I checked my google analytics a few days ago, I found that my orange tea kettle (above) had been featured on The Kitchn too! I'm always telling Kate that we are on the same wavelength, and here's yet another example. I swear, she's the Minnesota me (though far more stylish).


The Motherload!

Remember that I mentioned in a prior post that last weekend was the BEST estate sale weekend for me ever? Well, here's a preview of some of the items I'll be listing in the shop when I return from Texas next week. (And I didn't even have a chance to photograph the teak folding tables that we picked up). First up, two sets of Ben Seibel Jenfred-Ware bookends, folk Art from El Salvador, teak trivets, danish modern letter holder, teak bowl from Denmark, letter openers, Danish modern salt & pepper shakers, mod perpetual calendar, and mid-century cat dish...
Tell Me, Cat (this book is so fun that I will have to scan some photos for a future post!), assorted kitsch-y kitchen items, beautiful old illustrated copy of The Illiad, jewelery, trippy zodiac puzzle, eyeglass cases, and Dikes and Bikes, a mid-century Netherlands travel guide with the coolest illustrations...
Aprons, Copco enamel Skillet, Canister, Tupperware ketchup & mustard picnic pumps, very old ceramic fruit wall hangings, and a fabulous 60's flamingo...
Flower suitcase, faux bois desk file organizer, omelette pan, unused Dansk napkins in package, and a 1970 flower power quilting/needlepoint wall hanging kit with instructions & thread (fun timing finding that because the always fabulous Brini Maxwell just posted about vintage needlepoint and craft kits!)
I didn't even have a chance to clean anything before leaving for my vacation, but you see what will be keeping me busy for a couple of weeks when I get back. I can't wait!

Mid-Century Tile Coffee Tables

(Live from Texas! Not a previously scheduled post.)

Bored in my hotel room Monday night, I was perusing eBay and happened upon a mid-century tile top table. We have been looking for just the right coffee table for 5 years - no exaggeration. I realized that a tile table could be the perfect piece for my living room. I already have so many beautiful wood pieces including several that my grandfather built, plus a taupe sofa that I now loathe, so I have no desire to add more brown to my living room. Some of the tables are budget busting, like the $2,000 table pictured below, but some can be had for around $200 on a best offer. Here are some of the more interesting tables that I found:
I really considered buying that last table, which ended yesterday for a mere $175, but until I get home and assess the furniture situation with my husband, it's best to wait. Plus, we may already have a new addition to our little modern furniture family. My husband made the furniture score of a lifetime yesterday. If you read my tweets, you already know what this is. If not, stay tuned until tomorrow for the big news and pictures...


The Nasher

I'm arriving in Texas this afternoon for a visit with my family (this is a previously scheduled post), so what better time to post pictures of The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas? These were taken on my visit last November. My sister is a violinist, and she has played at several weddings here. Can you imagine how wonderful a setting, being surrounded by incredible modern art and gardens?

Aren't my nephews adorable? And they are so well behaved, they know not to touch anything (although the guards were still giving us the eye because I'm sure they catch other children trying to climb sculptures from time to time). I'm so excited to see my little guys this week!


Remember when TV's looked cool?

I'm off to Texas for 8-9 days to visit my family, but this is the first of a few posts I prepared in advance. I can't wait to catch up with everyone when I return!

We finally rid ourselves of the hulky black box 27" TV that has been sitting in our garage for the past couple of years (for a piddly $15 at our yard sale). And although I appreciate the streamlined modern shape and of course the picture and audio quality of flatscreens, televisions just seem that to have lacked any personality these past three decades.
Ok, not a TV, but I happened upon this cool Antenna for sale on Etsy. It's Art!
My husband and I had our best week of estate sale-ing ever! There were several good sales, but of course my favorite was the Danish Modern sale. Pictures of the house and the load of goodies we purchased are coming later in the week!


Happy Earth Day!

I'm a little late in wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day! Be good, be green :)

All photos via Superbomba

My New (old) Chair

Here are a few teaser pics before I reveal our weekend find. This first photo is amazing - one of my favorite flickr pics ever. The contributor's father took it in 1957!
A bit of a cheat because this chair isn't wicker, but it's too cool not to include it. A mid-century Mallin barrell strap arm chair (with vinyl straps).
Funny that the same weekend we picked to get rid of a bunch of our stuff was the lucky weekend that we found this beauty. The chair is a little rough around the edges - needs a paint job, some screws tightened, and new feet (or paint removal from old feet). But it was only $12.50!

Please excuse my quickie pics and pollen covered porch. The rain foiled my plans of getting good photographs. The chair will stay on the front porch, at least for now. It's perfect with the age/style of our 1958 ranch.