New couch! White walls!

After a year of searching for an affordable, comfortable, modern couch, we finally found one! We scored an amazing (half price) deal on a floor model in excellent condition from Smart Furniture. The Blu Dot Large Animal Sofa will be delivered today! Our Eames Lounge chair (a summer craigslist find) will have a fitting companion and will no longer be crowded in a corner by a big hulking brown sectional. We also just finished painting the walls white. Now we just need a new rug, floor lamp, and coffee table, although those will have to wait because the vet bills put a big hurt on the decorating budget. I will share pics of the room in a couple of weeks when it is all put together. For now, enjoy this Big Animal sofa from Desire to Inspire's "pets on furniture" post series...

And you MUST check out this post from Design Addict Mom. Dreamy white interiors.

P.S. Dodge is healing well. He goes in for his follow-up visit in about 10 days and the orthopedic surgeon will tell us whether or not he will need surgery on one of his legs. The leg does appear to be healing on it's own, although Dodge's playful nature makes it difficult for us to keep him as immobile as he should be. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and words!


Home for the Holidays

Unfortunately, I won't be able to spend the holidays with my family this year (although my parents are coming for a post-Christmas visit, yay!). As a tribute to my family, I composed this treasury filled with items inspired by several generations of holiday traditions: cutting the tree, those big old-style Christmas lights, baking snickerdoodles with my Mom and my sister, heated Scrabble games, special meals with family, goodies found in our advent calendars, and snuggling by the fire. See something you like? Click here to view the treasury and link to the item.


Green Dining

I stumbled upon a couple of gorgeous green dining rooms, and went on the hunt for more. I had a surprisingly difficult time finding green dining rooms that really work. These five are fabulous!
(I'm not too keen on the chair bases in that last pic, but the rest of the room is so amazing that I can overlook them.)


November Stats

68 cheese-wrapped pills slipped to my pup Dodge
6 average hours of sleep per night (not enough)
31 parcels shipped
532 work emails sent/received (perhaps why I'm not on the computer as much at home?)
3 blog posts, including this one

I promise to return to more regular blogging this week. I miss it, and I miss you guys!

Image above is a batik, available here.


The Talented Ms. Sedaris: Glue Guns & Googly Eyes

I'm giddy! Amy Sedaris's new book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People has just been added my Christmas wishlist (you listening Santa?)
This Etsy interview with Sedaris had me grinning from ear to ear, and feeling inspired to go collect acorns and whip out the glue gun.
Photos via Etsy


Update on Dodge

An update on my last post: My pup Dodge is home now and doing better than expected for a dog who got pummeled by a fast-moving truck. He is heavily medicated and pretty immobile, but incredibly lucky to be alive and in one piece. My husband spent the afternoon reinforcing the fence, although I doubt that Dodge will be pulling his Houdini act anytime soon. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments!