Tiny Houses

Although I've just returned from vacation, I can't help but daydream of having a little vacation home of my own to escape to. All that I need is a simple little place that I can read, cook up a pot of soup or a pancake breakfast, and snuggle in with Mr. Cottage Cheese (perhaps in front of a wood stove). Any of these tiny houses would do. The first five tiny homes are from the oh-so-cool Tiny House Blog. House #1 is located in Laos. Ok, so maybe this is more of a tree house, but I'd still hang out here.
#2 Nova Scotia.
#3 Floating house somewhere in the Swedish Archipelago.
Floating house kitchen.
View from kitchen/dining of floating house.
#4 I can't remember the location of this collection of tiny houses, sorry. I think it's somewhere cold ;)
#5 Eco-friendly in Wales. Hobbit house?
The next two homes are from Tiny Texas Houses. 99% of each house is salvaged materials. How cool is that?
Love this artist's studio.
Interior of the studio.
You can build these next three homes from plans by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Sorry, mountain view not included. #1 is the XS - House (67 square feet).
Tumbleweed #2 is The Loring (251 square feet).
Tumbleweed #3 is the New Vessica (278 or 372 square feet).
And last but not least, the Wee House. I've been in love with the Wee House for years now.
Wee House kitchen/dining.
Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


Blue Ant Studio

Great modern design blog: Blue Ant Studio

Notes to self:

#1 Forget dream of mountain cabin. Replace with dream of modern houseboat.
#2 If I must return to office work, I will settle for no less fabulous office setting than last picture (Facebook's new headquarters)



Great vintage roller skating ephemera via flickr (so sorry, specific search/user link forgotten!). When I was but a wee girl, I would skate whenever and wherever possible. In the winter I just bundled up in the heavy coat and headed out (even amidst snow flurries) or practiced my "moves" in the garage to ABBA or Disco Duck cassettes.