Summer Must-Haves: Etsy Vintage

A few of my summer favorites from Etsy vintage sellers (please forgive that I'm linking to the shops and not the individual items - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by work stuff and wedding stuff this week!). Sweet yellow cotton dress from VeraVague.
A perfect 70's maxi dress with its rainbow stripes and tie at the back of the neck. From ArteFactsVintage.
Love the reverse chevron stripe here in two of my favorite colors for the season. A great maxi dress from LadyGrungeVintage.
Great late 60's-early 70's mini dress (I see some early preppy here) from plumberryvintage.
Words cannot express how much I want this dress. 10 years ago I could have pulled it off. Someone please buy it so I can live vicariously through you. Also from LadyGrungeVintage.
I have always been a sucker for gingham but for a while thought that perhaps it was a little too country to be hip. Not so! Bettie Page rocked some red gingham and shattered the myth forever. Check out my gorgeous pal "Blythe" below, showing off her red gingham. The must-have gingham blouse from BlytheHopesVintage. First look, for the office:
Look #2 for the bonfire on the beach.
Corduroy shorts!!! <---Love them so much I felt they deserved not one, but three exclamation points. Throughout my early 20's, I wore my dad's hand-me-down short OP corduroy shorts from the 80's (remember when men wore short shorts?). They looked quite stylish, and when I wore them I always felt that I knew this little fashion secret that no one else had discovered. They fell apart long ago, but I keep searching for another pair. The pair below is so chic, from VanilleVintage. Perfect with boots or espadrilles.
Perhaps the perfect espadrille, from HaleahJet. Pair with the corduroy shorts above or the palm tree sweater dress.
Preppy kelly green espadrilles from TheLovelys. I could own 30 pairs of espadrilles.
More love for everything preppy. Classic navy espadrilles from ScottieinaCanoe.
I really need some new shades. Etsy has such a great selection of vintage sunglasses, and most are very affordable. Great cat-eyes from thewoolgather.
Big beautiful smoky shades from chigal.
Rosy hexagonal shades from thebeeskneesvintage.
Cool blue shades from Lillyscloset.
Fabulous 70's swimsuit (chrysanthemum pattern?) from vintageapparel.
What are you doing for the holiday weekend? I have to work a lot this weekend, but plan on taking tomorrow off to spend the fourth with The Boy's family at their huge annual get together. We watch the parade in the small town that his family is from (also where many of them still live), have a huge meal full of southern favorites, and enjoy some "porch time" on his aunt and uncle's huge porch on their craftsman home. Have a fantastic fourth everyone!

P.S. Still trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs. Please forgive that it's taking me so long to catch up. I've just realized that my laid back approach to wedding planning was not such a great plan and now we're scrambling to get everything together. My biggest concern: I still don't have a dress that I love. The silk dress from J.Crew didn't look good on me (too big), though I did find a nice floaty white cotton dress as a back up. The boy's attire makes him look seriously hot (like throw him down and have my way with him hot) and I'm just not sure that my dress stands up to it.


Hello Lindello said...

yay for summer vintage! I love the chevron dress! and those shorts, waaay cute.

Your weekend sounds like so much fun. Have a happy 4th! xxoxo

MoonDoggie said...

You've found some lovely dresses there. I don't tend to look at vintage clothes much because they're all usually way too small so I can understand your comment about wanting to live vicariously through others :)

Good luck with the wedding - I remember well the last minute stresses. Just try to focus on the things you'll remember in 30 years time (like enjoying yourself).

Pyzahn said...

All nice, but I really want those tan espadrilles.

We miss you, but the wedding is more important.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Great vintage finds! And the timing {with the 4th of July, dead of summer} seems perfect! I don't have too much going on this weekend either, just hanging out with my friends & family. Have a great 4th!

Beth said...

Did you see the 1960's Miss Elliette Couture Crisp-White Beaded Chiffon dress at the Etsy shop called TimelessVixenVintage? It would make a pretty wedding dress.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Great finds! Don't fret too much about the wedding dress. Things have a way of falling into place when it comes to the Big Day. You'll find it just when you stop looking.

down and out chic said...

you'll find the perfect dress soon enough! good luck.
love the shades and the espadrilles you chose. i really need to get some espadrilles and this was a good reminder. have a good weekend!


Fab selections...luv the reverse chevron; can be a great layering piece too!

Patchwork Harmony said...

mmm... like the yellow dress and espradrilles! summer vintage heaven! xxx

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Great pics all! I really love the espadrilles and the picnic ginghams!! Sorry about the dress not fitting but you'll be gorgeous no matter what! Happy 4th to you!

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

you rock chic - cheers for including me - you have a load of my favs in there too!

Tina Tarnoff said...

Love the dresses and the espadriles! I'm an espadrile enthusiast:)

Auishtha said...

I love the espadrilles. I am willing to splurge a month of my allowance on these treasures.


Thanks for sharing. HOpe you can drop by my blog sometime. :)