The Horror

That famous painting above, well that was me this morning. Let me preface the following by saying that all will be ok, or at least appears that it will be. Unfortunately my Halloween actually did begin with a scream (mine) as I watched my dog Dodge (who had escaped from the fence) get hit by a truck going 30 piles per hour. The vet at the emergency animal hospital was downright amazed that all 12 or so x-rays showed no broken bones and no internal injuries, so it looks like he will be ok. Dodge has some pretty bad "soft tissue" injuries and ugly wounds, so the vet is monitoring him for the day, but we hope to be able to bring him home from the animal hospital tonight. We feel VERY lucky to have such a tough dog. I will keep you posted on his condition.

Enjoy your Halloween everyone - have fun, stay safe!



A must-have for the well-dressed dog this season: ROVER peacoats and trenchcoats.

I've been missing blogworld these past few weeks, life has been a little over-booked lately. Mr. Cheese and I have been enjoying time with family, including numerous birthday celebrations and a trip to North Carolina for a family get-together. On a less pleasant note, two tornados hit a few miles from my house over the past two days. Scary stuff, but no lives lost and our city is very lucky to have sustained as little damage as we did. I'm also moving into a new position at work, which I'm a little anxious about. Hopefully after the weekend I can sit back, relax, and catch up on my reading!


Because Two Pandas are Even Better Than One

This morning I heard the joyous news of the birth of twin Pandas at the Madrid zoo. Baby bears are the cutest.

Images via the Toronto Sun. Have a great weekend!


(Naturally) Pretty

A couple of (kind of geometric, organic) images that brought me happiness this week.


I'm mad. This is the fourth time that I've found an eBay or Etsy seller who has plagiarised my copy word for word. NOT cool. Sorry, just had to vent.