Betty Oatmeal

Looking for that truly one-of-a-kind dress or blouse? I just happened upon the Etsy shop Betty Oatmeal this evening. Shop owner Karen Davisson resides in Seattle and has been making her original works since 1996. The materials she uses are all vintage (fabrics, buttons) and her pieces are beyond unique because she also incorporates vintage tea towels, hooked rugs, needlepoint, wall hangings, etc. Karen even styles her fantastic pieces using vintage patterns from the 40's to the 60's. My love for this first dress is immeasurable, but alas this beauty a Size 1. Curses.
Wonder Woman and The Superfriends dress.
Fashion Feng Shui dress (back). Size 12.
Fashion Feng Shui Dress (front).
Danger Bonbons blouse. Size sm-med.
Ten Pin Bolero. Size 10.
Betty Oatmeal makes children's clothes and men's clothes too. Little Miss Alaska girl's dress (front). Girls Size 5.
Little Miss Alaska girl's dress (back).
Poker Dogs Win Hands Down smoking jacket. From Betty: "Wrap him up in a bruised green bedspread, camp him up with a bold display of the Poker Dogs, dress him up with a lush green velvet shawl collar and slip him into a lining, slippery as a satin sheet. " Betty Oatmeal, you rock!


Lisa said...

What a talented lady!

I want to change my name to Betty Oatmeal... :)

boylerpf said...

Super great fashions...love the little girls dress!

drollgirl said...

it doesn't get much more feminine or flattering than a 50's style dress! i love the shapes. and these dresses are just super!!!!

and size 1!?!?! lordy! that isn't going to work for me!

Awesome Sara said...

i love the 50s, it always looks good on me! thank you for wishing me the feel betters!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That bowling bolero is hilarious. Love it.

yummychummy said...

omg! these are amazing!!!!!!