Wedding Coiffures

As a bride-to-be, I find myself searching for my perfect wedding hairstyle. Our wedding attire will be preppy-casual, probably outdoors, and will take place on an island that is so small it doesn't even have a salon. I am so lucky that my future sister-in-law is an incredible stylist and a good friend. Hopefully she can work her magic on my naturally curly hair despite the inevitable Florida humidity in July. Of course, an up-do would be the wisest option and I did not even consider wearing my hair down. That is, until the lovely Joanna Goddard posted pictures of this beautiful bride.
I'm loving the bride's sleek bob, and it is similar to my own style on the rare occasion that I take the time to straighten my hair. Due to the heat and humidity, perhaps better to save my sleek straight bob for parties. Here are a few of my favorite wedding do's. I'm envious of the gorgeous long curls from Stephanie Beal. Now I'm missing my long locks, sigh.
Slightly messy yet so romantic. (Source forgotton - sorry!)
Because my dress will be more casual, I'm not wearing a veil. However, I would like to have a flower or two. Sorry about the tiny pic. From WeddingHair.com.
Pretty Satin headband from Etsy's Mixbaby.
Look closely - see the little braid of this bride's hair acting as a headband? From celebhairstyle.files.wordpress.com.
Vintage-inspired, don't you think? I love it. From flickr.
Pretty pony (source forgotten - sorry!).
A more formal look than I'm going for, but it's quite pretty so I chose to share. From WeddingHair.com.
What do you think? Which is your favorite? I will probably end up choosing an up-do (no veil). A vintage-inspired coiffure is also in the hunt, although I haven't found any that are quite right just yet.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ooh this is fun.

I would love to get my hair to look like the first one (sleek bob), but it's way too fluffy. Unless I keep it long (length weighs it down), my hair swells up like a bad '80s hairspray job. Sigh.

For you? I actually love the one with the flower (but maybe it's the flower itself).

Also - great wedding dress with sleeves!

boylerpf said...

I definitely like the natural bob in the first. Hey...as a bride it really doesn't matter...you'll be gorgeous no matter what!

cassaundra said...

honestly - i love the first 'do.
so cute and simple!

of course, it depends on the cut of your dress,
but i'd say do whatever you think is most practical.

drollgirl said...

these are INCREDIBLE!!! so so pretty. i am dying a bit. i have flat ironed hair today, and of course all these pics make me jealous. so fabulous!

Awesome Sara said...

i am loving all the hair photos! i would do my hair like that just to go grocery shopping!! i can't wait till you show us pics of your wedding.

AntiqueAttic said...

Oh just do my hair doo from my wedding I will find a pic and post on flicker...it encompasses all...ok yes I just really liked my doo...hee hee

carina said...

oh...i like the 6th one down - the model with the purply coloured lippy.
Sarah over at bobby robin posted some pics of a wedding she went to - the bride had pretty hair. have a look here -
and here -
its so pretty!!

Joanna Goddard said...

these are all so gorgeous! thank you so much for sending. xoxo

Steph Bond said...

I love this part of wedding planning! Here are a few more ideas for you in a similar vein:


Let us know what you choose!
Steph @ Bondville

The Cottage Cheese said...

Thanks to all of you for your your suggestions! I love checking out all of the links you guys send me to for wedding ideas.

Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

Personally I also like the flower or two Idea. Not only would it look great in pictures and add more dimension to your hair but if you do it up a little in the lower messy bun you won't have quite as much stress of having to worry about the humidity. I've been to Florida in the summer time and it rained just about everyday. The less worry and stress for the bride the better.

gangsta bride said...

mmmmmm those hairstyles are delicious. I like the second from the bottom- I feel like its formal, but would still look great near the end of the night kinda messy.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

Dudes suit is so rad! He needs a skinny tie though, and about 3 inches cut off the length. I like that flooder look you know with the Chelsea boots. Just think "The Kinks" in 63.