Weekend at the Cabin

Our backpacking trip was rained out again, but we were really craving some time in the woods. For us, "the cabin" is more a state of mind than a specific place. It can be any cabin in the woods, although most often, as it was this weekend, we stay at Cumberland Mountain. We have our routine when we visit the area, which usually includes a trip to the cheese shop, Vintage Inc., and the Stonehaus Winery. We go for a hike or two, visit the Homestead Museum, sometimes play Scrabble, and my husband always sleeps too late while I enjoy some quiet time on the screened porch, drinking my coffee and reading. This weekend also included a frenzied though unfruitful search for Polaroid film, visiting lots of thrift and antique shops, and fried pies from the Homestead Apple Festival.

Sunday was a glorious perfect-weather day. This is the dam at Byrd Lake (the largest masonry structure ever built by the CCC, who completed the park construction in 1940). You drive across the dam to enter the cabin and recreation areas of the park.
Back side of the dam, viewing a huge volume of water rushing into Byrd Creek due to the heavy rain we've had.
A crazy Fu Manchu looking caterpillar.
Raised terrace adjacent to the restaurant. The terrace dates to the 1930's, although the original lodge and restaurant that once stood here were torn down (due to a fire perhaps?) and a new restaurant was built in the 70's.
Red berries and huge & unusual fungi (also attributed to the immense volume of rain lately). The decaying structure is the old bath house. I'm not sure what the park's plans are for this building, but aside from the stonework, all else is surely lost to the years of neglect.
Striking wildflower bloom. Too lazy to search my Tennessee Wildflowers book for this right now.
Byrd Lake. There used to be a beach to the right, but in the 70's or 80's the park built a giant swimming pool, so now lake swimming isn't allowed. At least the pool is hidden away in a corner.
Upturned mushroom cap holding a pool of water.
Rounded wall of the terrace, blue skies on Sunday (after 3 inches of rain on Saturday), a "rustic" 1930's cabin, Canadian Geese.
Sunday morning I enjoyed a bagel topped off with unbelievably fresh and decadent cream cheese, and far too many cups of coffee. I'm certain it is just because this is the dinnerware at the state parks cabins I visit, but I have such an affection for this Buffalo China pattern.

This afternoon I will be posting a bunch of pictures of the cabins in the 1940's and 1950's. Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing mid-century interiors.


Clorivak said...

Wow, Sounds and looks like an incredibly fun weekend. Looks like the perfect getaway!!! I'm always up way before my husb as well..haha, used to saying that yet?? ;P

I am also on a major hunt for polaroid film...its distressing. I need some. I orginally was searching prior to the wedding for some photos, but it was too stressful and just wasn't getting anywhere with the hunt. I just don't want to spend an arm and a leg from ebay. Fingers crossed for both of us.


Very lovely peaceful weekend you had...never seen that furry UNIQUE caterpillar in my life before...

Carol said...

Very pretty, looks like a lovely fall weekend!

cassaundra said...

what an incredible weekend .... beautiful pictures!

thanks for sharing with us :-)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend tucked away in the woods! I'm with you...that old Buffalo china just speaks of fall morning breakfasts out on the porch!

Sam said...

Oh! It's sooo pretty!! The acquaduct is dreamy!! Thanks for posting these pics!!

Gabbi said...

Amazingly beautiful! The dam is breathtaking and that bagel looks delicious... :) looking forward to more on cabins!