"Greenland" (Lyrics by Andrew Bird, found here)
"On the way to Greenland
I shall find
All the disparate fragments of your mind
I shall return a different man
And darling, do all that I can

On the way to Greenland
I shall find no mundane distractions of any kind
If beneath the ice fields there’s a room
It’s there I’ll find my peace a lovely tomb
Friends, Greenland is a place where souls go to dry out
It is a vast and terrifying place of ice fields and tundra
Bereft of fire and in the horror of its imposing irrelevance

There is a peace
The peace of pain
The peace of nothing
Well friends, I’m going there
Fear is lying dying in the sands
And it’s breathing from the gills of my Greenland."
Here's a little treat: Click over to AT&T Music at 4:15 pm on Sunday, June 14th to stream Andrew's Bonnaroo Festival performance live. Bonnaroo is just 75 miles up the road from me, and I keep thinking that one of these years I'll attend. I just don't know if I can handle that crowd for an entire weekend, and that insane traffic back-up.

So sorry my posting has been sporadic this week. The wedding update will post this weekend, I promise! My dad is really sick and so far away, and my worries make me want to just hole up in the house for a while and ignore the outside world. I'm fighting that urge - I know that's probably the last thing that I should do.

What are your weekend plans? Mine include more wedding related stuff, the usual weekend search for cool vintage, and hopefully a movie marathon or a Mad Men marathon. The weather in my neck of the woods is supposed to be stormy, but I'd love to fit in a trip to the dog park or a hike with the dogs. My pups are getting pretty squirrelly. Happy weekend everyone!

Photos via flickr


Ande said...


Beautiful pictures, seems like an interesting place.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

What a beautiful place. I love the colors of the houses, that would suit me just fine. It has that untouched look to it - where nature has not been touched by the hands of man.

Enjoy your weekend!

My puppies are being very squirrely also?

Hello Lindello said...

I love the pictures with the Andrew Bird song! I know we both just ADORE him :) I've always wanted to attend Bonnaroo, but I think my patience and age has caught up with me and I find myself frusterated at most concerts (let alone a festival) these days.

I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Those kinds of things are never easy to deal with. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Try to enjoy your weekend. I just got done going to the annual park point garage sales for 5 hours in the hot sun. I feel like a fried egg.

Caroline said...

I love the colorful houses! It looks like a very quaint little fishing town. It also reminds me of coastal towns in New England.

Pyzahn said...

I LOVE those colors on the hillside. What a vibrant community.

I'm just starting to hear a lot about Andrew Bird. I need to revisit him.

Happy frolicking weekend.

drollgirl said...

what amazing pictures!!!

i hope your dad is going to be ok. and i hope you have a great weekend. hang in there!!!

Lilith said...

i love the houses in the pictures. they're so colorful.

the festival sounds exciting and a good hike is always good.

down and out chic said...

i hope you're dad healing soon. i'm sending warm wishes your way (and sometimes ignoring the outside world isn't such a bad thing).

Melissa said...

Hi -- just came across your blog and love it. Hope it's OK if I add you to my blogroll! :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Very vivid colors to an otherwise mundane landscape...love it! My ex sister in law used to teach in Greenland. She said it was totally gorgeous but very much off the planet...whatever that meant!?!?

I am so sorry about your Dad...my prayers and thoughts are with you and him. A stormy weekend certainly doesn't help to brighten up the day but I bet the pooches would help. Hope it was a good one!


My thought & prayers with you & your family dear... ~Peace*
XO* as always!

me melodia said...

On my top 5 places to visit list.
Gorgeous photos and song. ;)

Hope you had a great weekend!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Wow. Those colors are so vibrant, they almost don't even look real!