Orange is in Da Haus!!!

Boo, it's a gray skies Monday. But I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! We found a haul of good stuff this weekend, and this post is inspired by all of the new orange stuff I will be listing in the shop this week. We worked hard around the house and played some this weekend too, so I am goofy-sleepy this morning. Just what is "goofy-sleepy"? My alternate title for this post was "Orange you glad I didn't say banana..."
Fishscale siding (above). Happiness overload! Via ffffound. I really want a replica of the "house" sign below, by House Industries.
I love everything about this corner. Sadly, I haven't been able to talk my husband into wallpaper yet :( Via Desire to Inspire.
Great band. Even better poster. Via ffffound.
Grass-roofed modern studio. Love love love.... via chanel4.com.
This is probably a vacant home, but nice staging of this Palm Springs (?) home from paulkaplanrealtor.com
I really want to attend a patio party here. Source forgotten - so sorry!
My lovelies, I really must apologize for being a bad blogger lately. I have not been visiting everyone as frequently as I like to, and will try to do better, I promise! I do have a good excuse though. We have been really busy with house stuff. My long-time readers may remember that we purchased our home to renovate and re-sell, but then the market crashed. We have been here for almost two years now, and have decided to stay put for a while longer. So my husband and I have been working on some redecorating and working on the garden, trying to really make the house our own. On this week's agenda: hanging crown moulding in the living room & hallway, painting the walls, and completely rearranging the living room so that our vintage Eames airport chairs can come in from the garage, where the poor things have been living for the past two years. The set we have is 5 tandem chairs, measuring in at around 10 feet long.

I'm sneaking off to the garden to plant some mums before all of the rain we're supposed to get this week. Have a great Monday my darlings!

P.S. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about my new handmade shop. I love you all. You rock!


Clorivak said...

That siding in the first photo is wonderful. I want to see how to contruct something like that.

Don't worry about being a good blogger or not! I honestly think you are GREAT. We all have busy lives outside of this..and it sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment. Its Gray here today too...its nice for a change..but one day'll do. Hope your monday rocks..haha.is that even possible? :P

down and out chic said...

the orange chairs are fantastic. it's great how something so blah, by itself, becomes a wonderful piece when styled correctly.


Love that outdoor space...the orange wall really adds more character!

Baglady said...

I love that house sign. That wallpaper is the new Keep Calm and Carry On, though. I keep seeing it everywhere.

We have the long Decemberists poster (a large verion of the Her Majesty gatefold album colour) above our fireplace and it looks amazing. Carson Ellis is very talented.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Love all the color orange! The "House" sign is fabulous too. You must post pics of the new renovations!

cassaundra said...

that house sign is fantastic!

also, glad to hear you two are getting stuff done around the house - projects are fun!

what color mums did you get?
i bought my mom a BEAUTIFUL white mum plant yesterday - she loves it!

take care :-)

me melodia said...

I lurve the house logo.
I want the Eames house bird too.
Orange can be so chic when well done.

drollgirl said...

orange can be so fabulous! i recently bought fab orange curtains from ikea, and when the sun comes through it kind of looks like the living room is on fire. that sounds BAD, but it really is beautiful.

and sometimes there just isn't time for blogging! no worries -- we all know where to find you! :)

Hello Lindello said...

I usually dont like posters, but that one is bad ass. so cool. i'm digging orange lately too.

Pretty Little World said...

I want that "house" sign too!! After peaking at their site, I'm disappointed that they don't sell it...though it would likely be prohibitively expensive if they did.

And don't worry -- you haven't been a bad blogger at all!! Good luck with your redecorating!


Orange is the color of Creativity.

It is a color we become attracted too in the heat of the moment, seasonally, and even surprisingly.

It can be a challenging color to live with on a daily basis, out loud.

Not sure if it is a commitment color for the most of us.

Sam said...

Oh! I love your finds here - that silver house sign is very chic - I wouldn't mind it either! I love orange - it's so retro but modern at the same time!! You have a lovely blog!!

Sam said...

I love that house sign too - very chic!! You have some terrific finds here - I wouldn't mind any of them!!

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Tina Tarnoff said...

I love orange, that first phot is just amazing. And, I've had the hugest crush on that three wallpaper. I would love to wallpaper a room in our apartment, but my husband will not even discuss it. He comes from that age when wallpaper was all over everything and quite unappealing and he was glad to got rid of it!

Kristin said...

I adore that House sign!

GUGAW said...

that is one funky house!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I love them all!! (and the title for the post is perfect!) :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I can't stop thinking about orange these days. It seems like it pops up everywhere! I might have to write a post about it soon. You will definitely come up as one of my inspirations!