Help Nashville?

photo via popfi

My heart aches for my neighbors to the west. Overshadowed in the national media by the oil spill in the gulf and the car bomb attempt in NY, Nashville's flooding is being called the most expensive non-hurricane weather-related disaster in our country's history. I have family in Nashville who luckily were spared from any major damage, but they have passed along pictures and video that would bring you to tears. To make a $10 donation to the Red Cross via text message, text the word "RED CROSS" to 90999. Or this site has a good list of organizations accepting donations that will go straight toward Central and West Tennessee relief efforts.

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mvmaithai said...

Just found your interesting website. Like you, I am also surprised that the media did not cover the flood much. I could not believe all the places I love so much are under water. It is such a shame:-)

I will be sending you a separate email regarding estate sale.