Birthday Weekend

Hello my lovelies, did you have a nice weekend? Mine started off with a whimper - a nasty headache put me in the bed Friday night. My husband bought me this beautiful cake. Why? It was my birthday :) Like I needed another excuse to play with my new iPhone Hipstamatic app (which I learned about through Amy. Her photos are much better than mine.)
Mmmm... chocolate cake with the best buttercream frosting ever.
We spent yesterday roaming up and down Highway 127 browsing the World's Longest Yard Sale. I found a few cool things for the shop, and highlights of the day included fresh-squeezed lemonade, the best blueberry fried pie in the whole world, and dinner at a local old-school favorite Italian restaurant. Oh, and the cake. Did I mention the cake? Every year I see some unusual stuff at the 127 sale, but this was my favorite weird thing this year: a Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Painting. And what I just noticed - it even says Happy Brd.Day!
This was one of my shop's busiest weeks ever, so today was spent packing parcels. Carving out some time to spend with friends this week is a priority. I have no social life these days...


Kitty Stampede said...

Happy Birthday to You!!! It sounds like you had a great one other than the yucky headache night.
I am such a HUGE sucker for butter icing. and that Petah painting is hilariously crude..love it...hahaha.

cassaundra said...

happy birthday, Marsi!!! that cake looks divine!!

drollgirl said...

WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FELLOW LEO! i am sorry i am a bit late with those words! i hope you are still celebrating!

and i'd love to hit that giant sale. gah! i wish.

Hello Lindello said...


This painting cracks me up! So funny.

Also congrats on all the sales. thats awesome!!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Happy belated Birthday darrrrling!
Stay lovely as always!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday week! The cake looks yummy and the photo is great. Mine aren't better, you silly goose.

Beth said...

Happy belated birthday, Marsi! I'm a Leo too (8/22). Hope this is just the start of a really great year for you! cheers, Beth