Weekend Links

I'm a day late posting this, but happy weekend! Despite my craving lately to get "back to nature", I haven't had a chance to venture into the wild in the past couple of weeks. I'm trying to be patient and remind myself of our upcoming vacation (part of which will be spent camping in Florida), but when I come across images like this one, it makes my heart ache to be in the woods.
As I've mentioned before, I love to cook, but I'm not much of a baker. After a successful attempt at my first strawberry pie a few weeks ago, and happening upon the season's first peaches and blueberries at my neighborhood farm stand, I decided to attempt a cobbler.
The cobbler was super tasty, and so easy! The raw fruit was more photogenic than the cobbler, so you'll have to use your imagination. It was not too pretty, but oh-so-good. I used this recipe, but instead of using like 5 kinds of fruit, I just used a pint of blueberries and a pint of peaches. I think next time I'll sprinkle a little coarse sugar on top before baking (for texture), and mix a dash of cinnamon into the fruit. But overall, it was a good quick EASY dessert recipe for baking novices like me.

And now for your viewing pleasure:

Newspaper Blackout poetry.

Maine (near the shore) in bloom.

Pet Memorial Embroidery (via Colorgirl)

Cool dinnerware.


Gigantor Origami.

I want to camp here.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Stephanie said...

Love the dishware... Great picks!

muchlove said...

those blueberries look really good :)

drollgirl said...

COBBLER!!! one of the best things in life!!!

sometimes my mom makes a blackberry cobbler. it is like you died and went to heaven when you taste it. i have made it myself a few times, but mine is not as good as hers! i will have to try your recipe here!