End-of-Summer Blooms

My garden is a bit confused this year. Native daylilies and frilly iris are blooming again, along with a few stray azalea and rose of sharon blossoms.

The dogwoods began turning two weeks ago.

Autumn has come to the South early this year. This makes me a happy girl.


sporkgasm said...

Ooooh, pretty! I love fall the most. The leaves in Sacramento are gorgeous when they turn.

I will be in the south soon. I can't wait!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'm about to have my first spider lily, and I'm really excited!

Your iris and daylilies are beautiful. I have been waiting for mine to bloom again, but I think our 110 degree days took their toll.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

So beautiful Marsi. I only wish I had half of those blooms. I think Autumn came early here too, although I don't think we had summer. It's down in the mid-30's at night, so hard to believe. I'm not ready for gloves and boots!! Marsi I hope all is well. I'm so glad to be connected with you again, just sorry I've been so bad at keeping touch. Have a wonderful weekend

xx Deb

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Early?! Oh no, I was hoping it would be late this year so there would plenty of it in Asheville when I visit at the end of October. But that would be selfish. Enjoy the color!

Anonymous said...

Great captures. I set on as my desktop wallpaper. The splendid autumn are really heart provoking.