Etsy Finds: Blueberries

I'm feeling particularly tired this morning, and procrastinating working on an estimate for a job. However, I ate blueberries on my Cheerios this morning, and I fully expect those antioxidents to kick in and clear my fuzzy head any time now. I need to post to wake the writing part of my brain, so enjoy these Etsy blueberry finds. Here is a bowl of blueberries to start your day, from Kotibethphotography.
These Lakeshore at Dusk Enamel Earrings by Huffalo areinspired by nature.
Handpainted Roving Soft Wool Blend Colorway, Maine Blueberries by Mainewoodsyarn. Sigh, I wish I could knit.
Assorted Butterball Cookies. Sugared shortbread sandwich cookies. Assortment icludes three varities, including triple-berry (made with homemade blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry jam. From FortuneCookieCafe. I wish I had one of these for breakfast.
Blueberry Patch Moisturizing Soap from DressGreen. Yummy.


drollgirl said...

oh those cookies look divine!!! and i like the earrings too!

Awesome Sara said...

Yummy cookies! Did you know blueberries can make you look younger & slows mental loss as you age. the more you know!