Piece of Cheese Cottage

While I was googling myself (don't laugh at my vanity/insecurity issues - you know you do it too), I happened upon this simply charming rental cottage in Hastings, East Sussex. Are any of my friends across the pond familiar with this historic gem? Believed to be the second-smallest cottage in the UK, and the only three sided one. As if it weren't charming enough, you can even bring your dog! I want to live here. Pics and info courtesy the Piece of Cheese Cottage Website.

The kitchen is a bit like a that of a motor coach, so I would recommend just walking to the pub for a pint and some good pub grub.
I would like to be drinking tea in this wee courtyard garden right now.
With views of the sea and a short walk to the beach, who wouldn't want to stay here ? Ok, now where is that check from the Sussex tourism board?


Biba said...

Ha that is so cute and funny! :)

kadler said...

I think I would go curl up in that corner with the microwave.