Ok, so forks are not the first thing you think of regarding presentation when you're entertaining, but forks make a huge statement! Here are some of my favorites, from Etsy. I found so many, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a "Forks" part two at some point.
Incredible Swissair mid-century forks from Tippleandsnack. Oh, and there are matching spoons available too! I'm wondering who the designer is. They remind me of Russel Wright's Hull Highlight Pinch flatware.

Fondue Forks For Your Next Cheesy Affair, from SurrenderDorothy. You need these, "My Pretty!"
Big Fork and Spoon by Jawaddel. Ever noticed these hanging on the wall on the sets of Everybody Loves Raymond and 30 Rock?
Souvenir Hawaiian Cocktail Forks from MrFilthyRotten. Perfect for all of those fancy Spam appetizers (you know, because Spam is really big in Hawaii).
Great Mid-Century Mod Serving Fork and Spoon from Fabulousmess. Gorgeous. Enough Said.


MrFilthyRotten said...

Thanks for including my forks! Loved seeing all the different types and I'm sure there are fork collectors out there! Smoochies!

michael+susan said...

Great forks! Great blog!!!