Mod Homes at White Rock Lake, Texas

On a visit out to the Dallas/Fort Worth area last summer, my Dad wanted to pop over to the yacht club at White Rock Lake, where he sailed in the summer of 1960.  I discovered a treasure trove of 50's mod homes that overlook the docks at the yacht club.  Oh, if you decide to seek out these homes, I didn't send you OK?  It's a private club, so you're a "prospective member just going to check it out."   
Great concrete block work and terrace.
I really like the rowboat hung from the rafters of the front porch.  It's nautical mod.  Hey, did I just coin a new phrase?
Nestled amongst the live oaks, this mid-century beauty has some great angles.  Loving the porch railing.

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MrFilthyRotten said...

CC absolutely love it! I remember many homes like those around here. Love the rowboat decor lol! Smoochies!