Montclair Made

I just discovered the shop Montclair Made, which offers lots of great travel-themed (and other cute) handmade items.

I have no real plans for the weekend other than catching up on blog reading, working in the garden, and (hopefully) working on the Etsy shop - all of which I'm looking forward to after being on the go pretty much the whole summer. What are your weekend plans?


Mandi said...

oh how cute!! and what fantastic prices!! I am in LOVE with the paper airplane embroidery :D

Anonymous said...

OK, I've been staying away from the garland trend, but these are adorable.

Jacob said...

So you got to Cedar Key and back again! Wonderful. I'd guess it was hot, but I hope you had a wonderful time and took lots of photos. Assuming the latter, are you going to be posting any of your shots?

rebecca said...

This stuff is so cute! I have no plans for the weekend, which is actually wonderful :p


Tina aka forrestina vintage said...

Oh, yes, that shop is fun...but anything travel related is right up my alley. :)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

These are such clever items. Absolutely love them.
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Fun catching up on your blog!