I just listed the cutest antique children's book in the shop, and thought I'd share some pictures.

"I know a place
Where the doodle-bugs race
And the tree toads laugh with glee;
Where the pollywog grins
As he rubs his shins
And flirts with the bumble bee!

There the animals chat
With polite eclat
As they hang by their tails or toes;
They dance all night
By the glow-worm's light
Dressed up in beautiful clothes!

There the high-toned bats
Wear stove pipe heats
As they haughtily sip their tea;
And all the snails
With busy tails
Look stylish as they can be!"


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little book! I wish I could find treasures like this.

~KS said...

How adorable... I had never heard of this book before this, but I love it! One of my favorite books was "T. Tyler Toad and the Thunder."

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Vintage childrens books are the best. Pick one up & instantly you are 6. I like that! I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one Marsi? You can't post less on your blog than ole' me. I'm down to once a week, so lame. What is nice is that your friends will always be here for you! All the best for a happy start to your December. xx

mandi said...

oh my goodness that is too cute! i love it!

Laura Trevey said...

awe... so sweet!!!

Down and Out Chic said...

vintage children's books are one of my favorite things!!! so sweet.

Little Lotus said...

Ahh! that is really cute and there is something so magical about the smell of old books.

Pretty Little World said...

Vintage children's books are so much fun -- I love this one!! Thanks for posting it!

If I was certain that I didn't need yet another collection, books like this would be the first thing I'd add to my house!

Diana said...

I love vintage children's books! I think they make great unexpected gifts. You chose some great ones to sell.