Plan 59

Over the weekend, I got lost for about an hour in Plan 59's mid-century poster collection (found via lushpad).

plastic patio (1957)
american brake shoe (1956)
colorful parking lot (1953)
suburban built-in ranges
space age biscuits (1956)
pepsi-cola (1959)
girls in glasses (1959)
boat house (1962)
I really want to live in that "boat house".


~KS said...

These are fantastic... I do love the Girls in Glasses... but they're all divine!!
Hope you have a great Monday to start your week off!

Down and Out Chic said...

love the one of the vintage glasses. i want some!

Clorivak said...

looove these! and yes that boat house is incredibly incredible.

Hello Lindello said...

wow. what a find. i especially love the brake shoe. classic.

Natalie said...

Great finds - thank you for sharing! The flying biscuits remind me of art displayed at a local Atlanta restaurant...The Flying Biscuit Cafe! http://www.flyingbiscuit.com/

love your blog. xo

Diana said...

these would look fabulous blown up in a living room wall!

Sam said...

Soooo chic and wonderful!! Such a different world!! I can't believe it was only 50 odd years ago! "Mad Men" eat your heart out!! P.S. So glad the birdies arrived safe and sound!!