Shelf Space

We painted our office today, and it just makes sense that on the coldest night day of the season (so far), my husband and I decided to build a shelving unit for more storage for my shop. Mr. Cheese wanted to design something more built-in, although we eventually we agreed on a smaller design that we can take with us when we move. These shelves all inspire me, each in their own way.
One day we will have our massive wall of beautiful built-ins (perhaps even complete with ladder and elegant green curtain). Pics of our new shelves and office will be shared as we progress...


Janne said...

You are so good to make your own shelves! I wish we were that handy. Do you know the String shelf system, by the way? It's a clever and beautiful shelf (Swedish).

Thank you so much for the swap! I got the fab orange bathroom set yesterday, and it's now in use :-)

Down and Out Chic said...

i honestly don't think i could live w/out shelving of some kind in almost every room.
too many books!
i'm sure mr. cheese's creation will rival all of these examples.
happy new year!

Clorivak said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous...we need bookshelves in the nastiest way. I love the last one hardcore..the colors.

I hope you had an amazing holiday time Mrs. Cheese!!!

Toni said...

that last shot of real simple's unit, so fresh and colorful on such a drab day! Hope you didn't freeze while working!

Pretty Little World said...

I always wonder how people seem to make their shelves and belongings seem like little art installations.

I'm trying to master this, but I often can't help but feel as though my shelves simply look piled/stacked with stuff.

These photos are the perfect inspiration to get me rethinking it again though! I hope you had a lovely New Year and I look forward to all of your wonderful posting in 2010!