Etsy Finds: Vintage Magazine Racks

My poor house is in constant disarray, as the Etsy inventory and half-made handmade mixed media works for my as-yet-unopened handmade shop are strewn all over the house. Lack of storage and my own disorganization had me feeling quite discombobulated, so I set a goal to get my office and the rest of the house in order in the next few weeks. As if it were meant to be, I happened upon three fantastic vintage pieces for my office that are stylish and functional. Pics of the other two pieces - fantastic 50's cabinets - will appear in later posts (pics of the finished office to follow when I'm finally happy with it). My first fab office item is this magazine rack. I'll use it for mags and file folders for my current renovation job(s) and Etsy receipts.
Etsy vintage sellers offer many lovely magazine racks. A few of my favorites:

Shop list from right to left, top to bottom:


I want one for every room!


drollgirl said...

oh these are just super!!! love them. i need to get more organized too.

and your comment on my blog KILLED me. who has a crush on phil collins!?!?!? i have a friend who has a crush on weird al. i guess there is someone out there for anyone! ahahhahaha.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

These are really nice. The first one is definitely my favorite.

Hello Lindello said...

I need one of these. Husband has TOO many magazines (and they ain't pretty).

cassaundra said...

oh, i love these!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

So I would never have ever thought to buy a magazine rack, but these are pretty great. Good finds.